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Dec 5

Written by: Tammy Gar - Kay Wu
12/5/2012 11:15 AM  RssIcon

It’s typically numbers that get newcomers to the field of finance nervous.  In our Managerial Finance course, there have certainly been numerous equations and calculations to learn and slog through.  Yet, it’s learning the language of finance that I am finding most powerful.  Unlike learning a foreign language where it’s clear when one doesn’t understand, learning the language of finance can be a deceptive process.  After all, the words are English and most of the time, the terms themselves don’t actually sound intimidating.  Yet there is so much theory and depth embedded in such a simple sounding term as “cost of capital”.  It’s only upon studying it that I can appreciate how much nuance there is behind the words.  Learning a new language can be brain-numbing at times, but it’s an incredible feeling when things start to make sense.    Dare I say...I think the Finance fog is finally beginning to lift!

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