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Feb 13

Written by: Tammy Gar - Kay Wu
2/13/2013 1:22 PM  RssIcon

The two week Business Venturing Session at Cornell & Queen’s was a blast!  As expected, it was jam packed with classes, team assignments, and a flurry of deadlines.  Yet somehow, in the midst of all the lectures, meetings and readings, we found time to enjoy the unique experience.

Some memorable moments included:

·  Attending a Cornell hockey game.  The distinctly Cornellian chants and traditions were highly entertaining.

·  The wide array of influencing strategies displayed in the Power to Lead sessions.  Team San Diego members took the cake for the most passionate presentation and the most convincing speech.

·  Witnessing an eating competition and seeing two men in our cohort fully complete the four burger challenge.  Thanks to Team Ithaca for taking us out on the town!

·  Evenings of networking in the Statler Hotel bar and Donald Gordon Conference Centre pub. 

·  The creativity incorporated into team presentations and pitches.  Special shout outs to Teams Calgary B and Portland-Seattle!

I especially enjoyed our “cross-over” time.   Our cohort of about 160 students was split into two sessions.  One group started at Queen’s, while the other started at Cornell.  For about one hour, halfway through the two weeks, we had time as the entire Class of 2014 to mix and mingle.  In some cases, it was an opportunity to re-connect with people we hadn’t seen since opening session in July.  In other cases, it was a chance to see people we had only “met” over videoconferencing.  The energy during that one hour was great, as smiles and hugs were exchanged, observations about the different classes were shared, and photos were snapped.  Too bad the time was so short! 

It was a productive and energizing two weeks...and the best part is, we are now officially halfway through!

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