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Nov 19

Written by: Tammy Gar - Kay Wu
11/19/2013 9:19 AM  RssIcon

The Global Business Project is the culminating project for our program.  It’s where we tie together concepts from across courses in a real international setting.  Each team is required to find its own management consulting project outside of North America, and to work with that client over many months.

Our team developed seven different project opportunities, ranging in location from India to Dubai to Brazil, with industries as different as import/export of foods, solar energy, and pharmaceuticals.  In the end, we selected a tracking technology company in Brazil called MXT.   We wanted a project where our client would be engaged at the senior management level, and where our inputs would be meaningful.  We wanted to ensure that our team, with its breadth of experience across functional areas, could add value by applying their career experience in a new environment.  We hoped to be involved in a project that provided social benefit, and on top of all that, we wanted to have fun!

Even with such high hopes, the project completely exceeded our expectations.  It was a highly rewarding experience to work on-site at MXT, and to interact with incredibly passionate people.  As part of the project engagement, our team led a workshop, and the level of involvement and interest that was displayed by MXT staff was simply phenomenal.   Moreover, our team was completely blown away by the extent of warmth and hospitality that was extended towards us. 

Below are a few glimpses of our experience with MXT in Brazil.

Team Markham all set for the factory tour at MXT

After a grueling 18 months, we finally enjoy a wonderful relaxing meal together

Exploring the historic town of Ouro Preto

A delicious post-work dinner with our MXT hosts

What's Brazil without a little football?  Go Atletico!

Thanks to Endeavor Global and Endeavor Brasil for making the connection between our team and MXT.  Endeavor is a non-profit organization committed to developing high-impact entrepreneurship across the globe.  http://www.endeavor.org/

We are grateful to Gustavo Travassos, the founder of MXT, and the MXT senior management team, for this project experience.  Our team has learned much about the opportunities and challenges of doing business in Brazil, as well as the joys and trials of entrepreneurship.  We are back at home, inspired and excited for what lies ahead, both for MXT, and for our own business and career endeavors!

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Re: Our Global Business Project Journey

Good insight into the Global Project Experience! Congratulations to the team and wishing good luck to everyone with the remaining course requirements for next year's graduation. We (in CQE'15 class) are looking forward to following on the footsteps next year. Thanks.

By Raj Srivastava on   11/27/2013 7:45 PM

Re: Our Global Business Project Journey

Thank you for your kind words!

By Tammy Gar - Kay Wu on   11/27/2013 7:45 PM

Re: Our Global Business Project Journey

I am a current candidate applying for the CQE'16 class. Your story gives me great insight about what to expect from the CQEMBA program. I enjoyed your reasoning for company selection. All were very important aspects, including engaging each team member's backgrounds, having direct access to senior management, as well as social benefit were each optimal. Congratulations and well wishes in your future endeavors. Thank you for sharing.

By Kim McClaine on   4/22/2014 6:34 PM

Re: Our Global Business Project Journey

Best of luck in your application!

By Tammy Gar - Kay Wu on   4/22/2014 6:35 PM

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