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Teresa Lee 9/3/2013 1:58 PM RssIcon
By Teresa Lee on 12/14/2013 1:54 PM
In regular bschool fashion, this blog entry was written on November 10th but due to the demands of the core (and life outside of school), it wasn't re-visited and finalized until a month later. 

"Three months and one week into business school and I am fully immersed and back into school mode. However, this isn't any regular school-mode, this version seems like it's on steroids. Not only is the curriculum intensive, coursework is only half the fun (battle?). The other half consists of recruiting, clubs, and maintaining a social life. After all, bschool is all about relationships right?

When I think back to last year at this time, I am able to exactly recall my state of mind. It was just as intense, and I feel many prospective students are feeling this way now. It's application time! Not only are you working full-time, but you're probably attending multiple MBA fairs, sending out emails to make connections, setting up coffee chats to learn more about the school, strategically laying out your story,...
By Teresa Lee on 9/27/2013 12:29 AM
It's the night before our all-class Johnson Marketing Team Case Competition. My classmates and I have been working all week in the midst of classes, corporate briefings, and the other aspects of life that I have temporarily forgotten. Some teams have been at school past midnight multiple nights in a row...but here I am, writing a blog post. It's been about 1.5 months since I arrived in Ithaca and wow, my life has changed. In the interest of time, let me make you a short list.

1. What day is today? I have no idea. It takes an unnecessary amount of brain power for me to recollect the day and it seems to be a constant theme among my classmates too. You've heard the rumors (and they're true), business school is busy (busy, BUSY)! Classes ending at 1:10 pm is a tricky illusion. "Oh, I'll have all day to work on a,b,c, and get x,y,z accomplished. wow, I may even get a head start on ...." All I can do is laugh at myself for once being so naive. In reality, I wake up in time to make my 8:40 am class, and then (miraculously) it's 10 pm and I realize I'm still at Sage...and loving it.

By Teresa Lee on 9/13/2013 5:54 PM
First blog post of the year from a first year Cornell business student! Just an introduction, but with lots more to come.