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Sep 27

Written by: Teresa Lee
9/27/2013 12:29 AM  RssIcon

It's the night before our all-class Johnson Marketing Team Case Competition. My classmates and I have been working all week in the midst of classes, corporate briefings, and the other aspects of life that I have temporarily forgotten. Some teams have been at school past midnight multiple nights in a row...but here I am, writing a blog post. It's been about 1.5 months since I arrived in Ithaca and wow, my life has changed. In the interest of time, let me make you a short list.

1. What day is today? I have no idea. It takes an unnecessary amount of brain power for me to recollect the day and it seems to be a constant theme among my classmates too. You've heard the rumors (and they're true), business school is busy (busyBUSY)! Classes ending at 1:10 pm is a tricky illusion. "Oh, I'll have all day to work on a,b,c, and get x,y,z accomplished. wow, I may even get a head start on ...." All I can do is laugh at myself for once being so naive. In reality, I wake up in time to make my 8:40 am class, and then (miraculously) it's 10 pm and I realize I'm still at Sage...and loving it.

2. Lockers. The last time they made such an impact on my life was in 7th grade. I remember strolling down the middle school halls during passing period to pick up notes my friends left for me in my locker. Today, I'm fumbling between Economics and Accounting to make sure I bring the all-important slides to class. Not an easy task as I navigate around my suit jacket, two pairs of heels, and corporate briefing swag from the night before. 

3. Smartphone. All hail the pre-smartphone business school student. How did they do it? Were our predecessors ultra-organized compared to us? Or did they all walk around aimlessly lost and late to all events? It's week seven and as far as I can tell, there is no typical day or week that we can easily program into muscle memory.

4. Free Food. Beware. Free food in business school is a different beast than free food in undergrad. It's mainly the same concept (read: pizza, chips, soda), but keep in mind the average business school age is a bit older (read: much slower metabolism). As mentioned in number one, life is quickly consumed by school, so working out has become a luxury. Or has business school helped me rationalize my laziness?

5. Crop circles. I used to think about mysterious alien encounters in the boonies. Now this term has me thinking about coveted recruiters and my suited up classmates and I surrounding them to form the typical lopsided circle in hopes of learning more about MBA internship opportunities. Crop circles have become a social norm within an MBA student's recruiting efforts. It's a funny but necessary concept and I'm sure experts have done behavioral case studies on how people react in different/awkward situations. If anyone finds an interesting one, please send it over! 

To be honest, I've had mild anxiety when I encounter a crop circle.

On the inside: "When can I enter? Is there enough room to stand there? Should I try to introduce myself? I should, but I don't want to interrupt my classmate. How do I politely and tactfully leave this crop circle? Ahhhh!" 

On the outside: calm, cool, and collected (is my goal anyway).

My economics professor likes to give examples in his lecture notes and then end with a "moral" sentence. I will do the same here.

Moral: Business school is fast-paced. Regardless of where you matriculate, you will likely become encapsulated into a bubble and start viewing the world through tunnel vision. You will see the same wonderful people every day for 10 hours a day, you will start speaking in acronyms that no one understands but your classmates, and you will share inside jokes with 300+ people. It's glorious, but if you don't take a step back once in awhile you won't be able to appreciate the drastic subtleties that will undoubtedly sneak up on you.

To my readers, please keep me in check :) To my classmates, let's keep each other in check so we always remember the importance of perspective and appreciation. 

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Re: The night before a case competition

What a great and funny post! I've never been able to figure out the right entrance/exit strategy to those darn crop circles either!

By emily on   10/2/2013 11:35 PM

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