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Nov 20

Written by: Veronica Armstrong
11/20/2012 8:27 PM  RssIcon

Our days in student housing are winding down. We're leaving next month to visit family before heading to London, UK. My husband, Kanon, is studying at the London School of Economics for a semester. We're pretty psyched.

I've never been to Europe but I've watched Notting Hill a few times and if the movie is remotely accurate in its portrayal of the famous neighborhood then I'm about to be the happiest person ever. Bookstores! Movie stars! I'm really excited even if my days will most likely be filled mundane activities like working on not getting run over when I cross the street and resisting the urge to make obnoxious Harry Potter references to the Brits.


Preston working on a craft at the community center.

I'm not excited about the prospect of flying internationally with a two and three-year old. Our kids are used to traveling and enjoy it but our son has never flown before and our daughter is a fan of high-speed sprints in public spaces. It's going to be an adventure. I'm flying first class for the first time and from what I've heard in rap songs it's pretty much a nonstop party so we've got that going for us.


Preparing cranberry chutney for last week's Joint Ventures Thanksgiving get together.

I'm praying I don't end up having some crazy mid-flight panic attack and speaking loud gibberish frightening the passengers while simultaneously mortifying my husband. He's a saint for putting up with my in flight antics. Every single instance of turbulence is THE END and followed by a death grip on his arm. I've left marks.


On campus beauty.

I really don't want to be tackled by an air marshal in front of my kids. I'm not a good flier and I'm guessing that being responsible for two toddlers isn't going to help the situation. Oh, well. No sense in stressing out about it now. We've got six hundred feet of student housing goodness to pack up.


Late autumn sun.

The packing is a distraction from the uncertainty of our future. We're still not sure what our post business school destination is. We can't plan our future yet. It's slightly unsettling but I'm keeping the faith. Thousands before us have survived second year recruiting. We'll figure it out soon.


Ithaca's finest.


Veronica Armstrong is a photographer, blogger, and freelance writer whose stories spring from the cinder block walls of her married graduate student apartment. You can find or see more of her writing and photography on her blog.

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I simply could Not be more proud. As I've said before, "You're aMAzing!!" Nice work. <3

By Laura Lester-Armstrong on   11/29/2012 7:58 PM

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