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Jan 14

Written by: Veronica Armstrong
1/14/2013 12:12 PM  RssIcon

We landed in London six days ago and we're already in love. Our apartment is on a gorgeous, quiet street in the Holland Park / Addison Gardens neighborhood. There's an incredible public park nearby. It has two playgrounds, a Kyoto garden, peacocks, and many other exquisite sights I will never tire of. It's simply fabulous. We're elated to be here.

Our flight was fairly comfortable. Preston had a blast. He enjoyed looking out the windows, wearing his new pair of kid friendly headphones while watching a movie on his iPad, and eating lollipops during the takeoff and landing. Cameron was Cameron. Unlike Preston she had a few issues falling asleep. Few issues = she screamed for about a half hour. Kanon comforted her and she eventually fell asleep on my lap while I prayed for sleep. It never came but we landed safely and I'm thankful we don't have to fly again for another ten weeks.


Kanon began attending classes at the London School of Economics today. We're hoping he makes it into the classes he's chosen because they're a good fit for his current course of study and professional goals and the class schedule leaves him with a long weekend to study or take his family on more fun European adventures. I'm sad that our winter break is over but excited for Kanon. There are many exciting things ahead according to his LSE schedule and I know he will take full advantage of the academic, networking, and social opportunities presented to him.


While Kanon is in school the kids and I will spend our time taking in the sights, checking out playgrounds, and exploring the city. London is a fantastically walkable city with plenty to see. The kids enjoy visiting the local bakeries for pain du chocolat, racing through the gardens, and visiting landmarks. I like everything. I'm easy to please. Happy husband, happy kids, and amazing coffee within walk distance. I'm good.


Have you visited London before? Any dining, shopping, or sightseeing recommendations for us?

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