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Mar 17

Written by: Veronica Armstrong
3/17/2013 3:29 PM  RssIcon

If you've been following our adventure then you've noticed the lack of updates. Studying abroad with a family is hard work. Exhausting but totally worth it. Our stay is winding down but I have plenty of photos, advice, and stories to share.

Last week we hopped on the Eurostar and spent a few days in Paris. Photos are forthcoming. I promise. 

We had a blast but we've been juggling kids with stomach bugs and colds, sleepless nights, Kanon's class workload, and a variety of other challenges you don't anticipate when you decide to study abroad as a family. It's been difficult at times but neither of us have regretted our decision. Kanon has enjoyed his experience at the London School of Economics immensely and feels it will contribute greatly in his desire for a global career. 

The kids love London but are ready to head home. They need their own space and some stability. Traveling is fun but can be difficult with kids because it throws off the routines you've worked hard to establish. Kanon attends classes Tuesday through Thursday and spends most Mondays and Thursdays studying and writing papers.

I'm on my own most days. Thankfully we chose our neighborhood strategically and everything we need is within walking distance. Hopping on a bus in London with kids is easy so I do my fair share of solo exploring with the kids. The tube is a different story. I don't bother with the tube unless Kanon is around.

Unfortunately most tube stations aren't handicap or child friendly so I have to risk life and limb on escalators while silently praying I don't lost a child on the way up or down. Frazzled nerves follow. Londoners are helpful people and often lend a hand with a child or stroller but it's not worth the stress. I avoid the tube when I am alone with the kids at all costs. I don't need an international escalator tragedy in my life. 

Winter in London was a welcome break from the frigid Northeast. There was minimal snow and most days are mild. The kids and I usually spend about four hours playing outside and walking around the city. We've been lucky on the rain front. There hasn't been much which has allowed us to explore the city.

If you're considering studying abroad with your family next year I highly recommend it. Our experience has been invaluable and I can't recommend it enough. Feel free to email me if you have any questions:

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