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Joseph Irineo, CEMBA '13

Joseph Irineo, CEMBA '13

Apr 19

Homecoming Weekend

Oh, how sweet it is!  I’m still on a sugar high from all the chocolate that I had this past class weekend.  I’ll explain why this was the case momentarily…

Kudos to Cornell’s Office of Alumni Affairs and Development for hosting a great Johnson School “Homecoming” Banquet event this past weekend at Palisades, NY for the Executive MBAs and alums.  This was a festive occasion with food and drinks after Saturday’s classes for students from the Class of 2012 and 2013 to mix and mingle with each other, as well meet with with Johnson School alums who were visiting with their families from previous class years.

It was doubly “sweet” to have Jim Goldman (Johnson School ’85) on hand to deliver the evening’s remarks.  Jim is the President and CEO of Godiva Chocolatier and, naturally, he came supplied with enough chocolates to feed an army…  which is essentially what we were!  Also on hand to introduce Jim was Rich Marin (AB ’75, Johnson School ’76), former CEO of Bear Stearns Asset Management and the current Chairman of the Johnson School Advisory Council.

This past weekend’s event was a perfect example of just how committed Cornell is to its Executive education programs at Johnson.  Even though our typical classes are held hundreds of miles away from the main campus in Ithaca, it’s great to have the Cornell administrators with us literally every weekend that we get together for classes in the NYC-area.  The fact that the Johnson School coordinates to have alumni, the development office and the Deans come to visit us is really the cherry on top…  or shall I say, the Godiva chocolate frosting?  Cue drums for lame joke!

Below are some pics from the evening:

Class of 2013 guys with Cornell's Big Red Bear

Homecoming kickoff by Cornell Executive MBA Dean, Danny Szpiro

The Watson Room at Palisades

Rich Marin, Chair of the Johnson School Advisory Council, introducing the evening's speaker

Complimentary chocolate led to sugar-high all around

Jim Goldman, CEO of Godiva, comes on stage

Jim Goldman

Jim Goldman holding court

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