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Johnson's Manoj Thomas says buy food with cash...and eat better!


The press loves new Thomas research that suggests that paying with plastic can lead to paying for JUNK

Co-authored research by Manoj Thomas, assistant professor of Marketing at Johnson that appeared in last month’s Journal of Consumer Research, has recently made the major media rounds.  Publications including TIME, Business Week, the Wall Street Journal and New York Times, have all shared the finding that paying cash for food leads one to better food choices. 

Plastic, it appears, has a way of leading shoppers astray to less than healthy options because, as Thomas' research suggests, there is a reduced emotional attachment to a credit or debit card as currency.

“Certain modes of payment weaken consumers’ abilities to control their impulses,” said Thomas.  Parting with cash hurts and giving up currency — what Thomas calls a 'painful' mode of payment — tugs at our heart strings and our guts and apparently, makes us think.

So, pay cash and slim down?  Perhaps!