Johnson Association of Veterans Welcomes Military MBA Candidates

10/14/2013 10:42:00 AM

Retired four-star general George Casey to meet with MBA candidates, address Cornell community 

Johnson’s active community of military veterans is hosting current and former servicemen and servicewomen for Military Preview Day on November 14, 2013. The event is aimed at introducing military officers to the benefits of earning an MBA degree at Cornell University.

Participants will begin the day by attending class with current students, followed by a panel discussion on life at Johnson for MBA students from military backgrounds. Panelists include Steve Maddox, MBA ’10, manager, Deloitte Consulting, while in the U.S. Marine Corp, assigned to the National Defense Intelligence College; and William Huling, ’68, MBA ’74 (retired LTC, U.S. Army). Johnson’s associate dean for alumni affairs and development. Huling’s 20-year career included fire support officer (FSO) for an infantry brigade coordinating all artillery, gunship, air strikes and naval gunfire in support of combat operations in the central highlands of Vietnam; and artillery battery commander in Vietnam in Quang Tri Province.

“This event provides prospective military applicants with a unique insight to the academic and social culture of Johnson, and to experience the close collaboration and support that we enjoy every day,” said Rick McGuire, MBA ’14, president of the Association of Veterans at Johnson. “The goal is for them to leave with a sense of how they can come to Johnson, build upon their leadership experiences gained in the service, and leave with the opportunities they deserve.”

General CaseyOne of the day’s highlights will be a small-group lunch with General George W. Casey, Jr., retired four-star general and chief of staff of the U.S. Army from 2007-2011. Casey will also deliver a public address at 4:30 p.m. in the Statler Auditorium of the Cornell University campus, where he will cover the topics of organizational leadership, innovation, cultural change and more – offering battle-tested lessons that are transferable to effective leadership in business.

Military Preview Day is sponsored by Deloitte, Office of Admissions and Financial Aid and Johnson’s Veterans Club.