Johnson In the Media

Mar 03 2015

Accenture Announces ‘Innovation Challenge’ Student Winners

Johnson team named winner in competition to leverage technology to benefit non-profit organizations

Mar 02 2015

Russia's Insider Traders Know Putin's Plans, Shows Johnson Research

Research by Johnson PhD students Ekaterina Volkova and Felipe Silva got the attention of BloombergView. They used a model developed by Professor Maureen O'Hara to show that insiders anticipated Russia's annexation of Crimea. 

Feb 22 2015

How To Shape Your Online Profile
Johnson is one of the first schools to integrate social media review into the application process.

Feb 18 2015

Make and Cornell University Announce the "Pitch Your Prototype" Challenge
Cornell Tech and Engineering are supporting the "Pitch your Prototype" challenge.

Feb 17 2015

Will 2015 Be the Year People Actually Do Something About Income Inequality?
Robert Frank is featured in this article relating to income equality and is 2015 the year it will be handled.

Feb 11 2015

Dean Dutta on How Business and Technology Can Lead to a Better World

Dean Soumitra writes in Global Focus on how business schools are developing managers, who can harness the power of business and technology to improve the world. 

Feb 11 2015

Fund Pros Who Live Together, Buy Together
The Wall Street Journal reports on research by Johnson's Scott Yonker suggesting that managers are influenced by investments of peers who are "neighbors." 

Feb 10 2015

In Mozambique and other poor countries, companies step in to fill gaps left by agricultural nonprofits
Mark Milstein, director of the Center for Sustainable Global Enterprise at Cornell University, discusses how poor countries fill the gaps left by agricultural nonprofit.

Feb 09 2015

Western Business Schools Pump Investment Into Asian Campuses
Johnson's program with Tsinghua is mentioned in this article about other schools investing in Asian campuses

Feb 09 2015

On the Ground: Cornell Center Demonstrates Benefits of Applied Research
SGE demonstrates the benefits of applied research.

Feb 05 2015

Have Emerging Markets Emerged?
Andrew Karolyi is mentioned in this article about Emerging Markets.

Feb 03 2015

Message Control
Johnson's Kristina Rennekamp co-authored an article entitled "Losing Control of the Narrative: How Less Readable Disclosures Drive Investors"

Feb 03 2015

Pioneer firms working to feed the world
Mark Milstein and SGE are featured in this article about firms working to feed the world in Mozambique.

Feb 02 2015

MBA Degree Loses Some Of Its Lustre As Fast-Track Masters Thrive
In recent years, fast track MBA's have flourished.

Jan 31 2015

What Business School Is Really Like
Inspired by OpsDude, a second year Cornell Johnson student named Masterz57 chimed in on his experiences at Cornell for Wall Street Oasis.

Jan 30 2015

The Real Effects of Hedge Fund Activism: Productivity, Asset Allocation, and Labor Outcomes
Hyunseob Kim co-authored this paper about the real effects of Hedge fund activism. 

Jan 28 2015

Comment: How we let kids' birthday parties get so absurdly extravagant
Robert Frank comments on our extravagant tendencies, now relating to children's birthday parties.

Jan 28 2015

Let the Slow Times Roll, Warren Ellish on Competing During Lulls
Brand management expert Warren Ellish, senior visiting lecturer of marketing, talks to Nightclub and Bar about boosting business during slow spells.

Jan 28 2015

What Apple is Doing Right in China, with Murillo Campello
Murillo Campello, the Lewis H. Durland Professor of Management and professor of finance, talks to CBS MoneyWatch about Apple's product growth in China, and the affect on its earnings.

Jan 22 2015

Chevron Executive Says U.S. Energy ‘Envy of the World’
An executive of Chevron, Pierre Breber, during Thursday night dinner organized by the alumni of Cornell’s Johnson Graduate School of Management, indicated that the lower oil price will help boost the manufacturing sector by creating more jobs.