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Stocks shrug off geopolitical tensions

US equities are hovering around record levels amid a broad easing of the geopolitical worries that h...
7/22/2014 11:13:00 AM
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U.A.E. tops MENA in innovation index

...Africa (MENA) countries in terms of performance in the 2014 Global Innovation Index , according t...
7/22/2014 6:12:00 AM
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Innovation index: UAE and Saudi Arabia lead in Mideast

Soumitra Dutta, Anne and Elmer Lindseth Dean, professor of management, Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduat...
7/22/2014 5:48:00 AM
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Indonesia slips two spots in Global Innovation Index 2014

Indonesia slips two spots in Global Innovation Index 2014 Improving skills is one of the most import...
7/22/2014 4:51:00 AM
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Human factor drives innovative capacity

...Brazil and India. Soumitra Dutta Anne and Elmer Lindseth Dean, Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate Sch...
7/21/2014 5:18:00 PM
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Cornell / Johnson Essay Topic Analysis 2013-2014

A blog from an MBA consultant in China regarding the new Johnson application, particularly focusing ...
7/16/2014 10:20:00 AM
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Cornell University Now Allowing Potential MBA Students to Apply Via LinkedIn

Johnson announced the new feature July 8 that potential MBA students will now be able to apply via L...
7/16/2014 10:16:00 AM
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How B-School Students Can Choose an MBA Concentration

Johnson is one of the schools recommended for students looking to choose an MBA concentration.
7/14/2014 8:08:00 AM
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Sponsorship Key to Moving Women Up CU Ladders

Johnson's Kathleen O'Connor encourages women to enlist sponsors who can help them move up the ranks.
7/11/2014 4:14:00 PM
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How resorts ended up in those oval car decals

Robert Frank discusses how individuals feel the need to promote their income status.
7/9/2014 1:54:00 PM
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The Base Of The Pyramid: Will Selling To The Poor Pay Off?

The biggest challenge in targeting the BOP is that each consumer makes a very small purchase, says M...
7/7/2014 4:25:00 PM
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B-Schools Take On the Family Business

Next year, Johnson Graduate School of Management plans to open a family-business program offering co...
7/7/2014 4:19:00 PM
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FTC: Back Up Green Claims

“I am not a lawyer, but I don't think the saying ‘Go Paperless, Save Trees’ needs significant scient...
7/2/2014 3:15:13 PM
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Prominent Global Leaders Serve on the AACSB International Board of Directors for 2014-15

Johnson's Dean Dutta to serve on the 2014-2015 AACSB International Board of Directors.
7/2/2014 12:00:00 PM
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Reaching for the Wallet: The Ubiquitous Emergence of Mobile Payment Technology and the Obstacles Along the Way

Johnson's Jason Hogg discusses mobile technology and the obstacles along the way.
6/30/2014 3:23:00 PM
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Challenges, Offline and Online

The World Economic Forum and the Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell Univ...
6/24/2014 7:49:00 PM
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Position your Brand to Gain a Competitive Advantage

Senior Lecturer and branding expert Warren Ellish talks about the three areas to be tackled in brand...
6/23/2014 11:14:00 AM
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The secret history of numbers: How math shapes our lives in amazing, unpredictable ways

Manoj Thomas, a psychologist at Cornell University, argues that our sense of unease with large, non-...
6/22/2014 3:54:00 PM
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Where Top CEOs Went to Business School

U.S. News & World Report looked at CEOs of Fortune 100 companies who hold an MBA, and where they att...
6/19/2014 9:56:00 AM
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Cornell Tech MBAs connect with undergrad entrepreneurs

Cornell Tech MBA's connect with undergrad entrepreneurs.
6/18/2014 2:26:00 PM
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