Johnson's Mike Waldman helps inform major changes to economics study at Cornell

New universitywide economics department will further strengthen Cornell's position as a hub for top-notch research and study in the field, says Waldman 

Johnson's Mike Waldman helps inform major changes to economics study at Cornell
In the fall of 2010, Mike Waldman, professor of economics at Johnson, served as chair of committee charged with reviewing how to most effectively leverage the myriad strengths of the individual economics departments of Cornell University.  Following extensive review by additional committtees and task forces, the university has implemented approved recommendations and launched a new universitywide economics department.

"The plan strengthens Cornell’s main economics department and makes Cornell a more attractive place for top notch economists in economics and related field," said Waldman. "It should thus help all the units with a strong presence in economics, such as Johnson, because of improved research productivity and visibility for existing faculty and improved prospects in graduate student and faculty recruiting."

As described in "Provost announces universitywide economics department," (Cornell Chronicle, July 20), the plan merges Arts & Sciences Economics with ILR Economics Additionally, there are about 10  joint appointments of senior faculty from other units.  These include Johnson economics professors Waldman and Bob Frank and professors of finance, Bob Jarrow, Andrew Karolyi and Maureen O’Hara.
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