The Johnson at Cornell EMBA - modern, focused & relevant

CEMBA program seeks student input to re-tool and retain strength in competitive, dynamic marketplace

The Johnson at Cornell EMBA - modern, focused & relevant

In 2010, the Cornell Executive MBA (CEMBA) program underwent an exhaustive review.  Administrators called upon students, staff and faculty to consider all aspects of the program, including how best to staff for student needs.  Elizabeth Mannix, faculty director of the CEMBA program and professor of Management at Johnson, led the curriculum review that created a new faculty manual of 'best practices' intended to build the program and attract and retain the best students. 

"The whole review process was unique in that it was done through a partnership between the school and students," said Doug Stayman, associate dean for MBA programs and professor of Marketing at Johnson.  "We asked a team of faculty members and administrators to work with students and make honest recommendations about how to keep the program top notch while retaining its characteristic personal experience."

Stayman said that although the review revealed that student satisfaction was generally high, many believed that particularly in today's job market and business climate, the addition of electives, particularly those with a personal development element, would enhance their EMBA experience.  Additional faculty came on board the program and electives such as Critical Thinking and Coaching for Executives were added.

The review also concluded a need to shift staff around in order to better attend to the needs of many EMBA students now looking to use the degree to change (versus just enhance) their careers.  Program leaders looked at how best to ensure CEMBA students would have the support and guidance they needed both during and after the program to land the positions they wanted after receiving their degrees, and made staffing changes and hiring decisions accordingly.

"The executive MBA space is incredibly competitive and complex," said Stayman.  "We have always been proud of what we offer through our CEMBA program, but are also thrilled to have such great understanding of the marketplace among our faculty staff and students who led this review.  The flexibility built in the program that has allowed some of these recent enhancements is essential to make sure it stays modern and valuable for all who select it both today and tomorrow."

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