Top Marketing Executives Converge for Career Coaching

Some 36 executives will provide one-on-one coaching to Johnson MBA and Cornell undergraduate students

Top Marketing Executives Converge for Career Coaching

On November 6 and 7, 2014, 98 students and 36 executives will come together for the eighth annual Marketing Executive One-On-One Coaching Program. Hosted by F. Warren Ellish, visiting senior lecturer of marketing and president and CEO of Ellish Marketing Group, the program gives marketing students at Johnson at Cornell University opportunities to network with and be mentored by leading executives in the marketing world. Coaches comprise chief marketing officers, CEOs, executive recruiters, brand consultants, and advertising executives.

The event will kick off on Thursday, November 6, with a roundtable discussion, titled “The Role of Marketing Innovation.” Panelists include Jim Goldman, former President and CEO of Godiva Chocolatier; Pat Lafferty, CEO of the creative agency BBH North America; and Vithala Rao, Deane W. Malott Professor of Management and professor of marketing at Johnson.

The panel will be followed by an evening reception, at which host F. Warren Ellish will share with students the importance of networking and the truly small nature of the marketing world. Each executive will be introduced, not by career background, but by the connections they have with colleagues in the room. These connections will likely include college classmates, associates, bosses, mentors, clients, and significant others.

The program resumes on Friday, November 7, with 180 individual one-on-one mentoring sessions, by 36 executives, with 98 students.  Of the 36 executive coaches, 24 are Cornell University alumni. The event concludes with a luncheon, sponsored by the student-run Marketing Association, where students may network and pose final questions to their executive coaches.

“The one-on-one format offers students a chance to ask experienced experts questions they might be reluctant to ask in a less personal setting,” said Cynthia Saunders-Cheatham, executive director of Johnson’s Career Management Center (CMC). “Students have the opportunity to gain mentors who continue to help them with suggestions, contacts, and leads though out their careers.”

-- Da-Eun Lee is an intern in Johnson’s Marketing and Communications Department

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