The Johnson brand is experienced countless times every day — by students, alumni, faculty, staff, and others who interact with the school in any way. So it’s important that all of us who are affiliated with Johnson understand what that brand is, and how we can help make it grow stronger. The information you find here will help you do just that.

Johnson's new brand positioning

“Johnson graduates know how to harness the collective strength of others to create extraordinary results.”

More than ever, leaders must be capable of sustaining, mining, and getting the most out of an organization. Through collaborative learning and immersion in real-world challenges, Johnson students gain essential business skills plus direct experience in leveraging the talent and knowledge of others, yielding more ideas, more possibilities, more thoughtful, well-rounded solutions and, ultimately, extraordinary results.

When employers hire a Johnson grad, they get more than one person. They get the strength of many.

What’s in a name and brand position?

Cornell and Johnson are great brands and great names. The brands have existed for years. This initiative focuses on updating the brand strategy for Johnson in light of the competitive environment and changing dynamics in the MBA and executive education marketplace. Read more

The Johnson mission

Johnson’s mission is to

  • develop business leaders who create, transform and sustain successful organizations around the world
  • generate research and scholarship that shapes the future practice of management
  • train the next generation of business scholars.

Johnson's values

The Johnson community strives for excellence in all it does through

  • accountability and pride
  • professionalism
  • integrity and trust
  • mutual respect
  • collaboration
  • investment in self

Our Brand Standards Guide

This guide covers everything you need to know about expressing the Johnson brand in print and online. It offers guidance on using the logo, choosing fonts and colors, creating layouts, writing in a manner that reflects the brand, and more. Download the Brand Standards Guide.

Logo and Marketing Materials

For electronic files of the new logo and other materials, contact Marketing and Communications at (607) 255-3096 or email

Creative samples

See how our brand is represented in the marketplace.

Brand Example