Profile in Leadership

Merrill Douglas

Coaching for Change

Jennifer Dulski '93, MBA '99, president and CEO at

Chris Kraul

Sense and Sensibility in a Master Dealmaker

 Luis Carlos Sarmiento Jr. MBA 85', CEO of Grupo Aval

Irene Kim

Bringing Beauty to the World, Inside and Out

Suh Kyung-Bae, MBA ’87, CEO of South Korean cosmetics firm AmorePacific

Doug McInnis

A Savvy Samaritan

Patrick Wardell, MBA' 79, CEO at Cambridge Health Alliance

Coeli Carr

Bright Horizons

Lorna Smith, MBA '87, CEO at Horizons National

Jon Moeller '86, MBA '88

Running Strong

Jon Moeller '86, MBA '88, CFO at Procter and Gamble

Linda Brandt Myers

Transforming Troubled Brands into High Fliers

Naomi Kelman, MBA ’83,head of the OTC division at Novartis

Merrill Douglas

A Brand for All Seasons

Jim Goldman, MBA ’85, President and CEO , Godiva Chocolatier