Anu Ganguly, Executive MBA Metro NY ’17

Feb 01 2016

Redrawing the World Map: Developed and Emerging Markets

Anu Ganguly, Executive MBA Metro NY ’17

Coffee with Anu – January Edition

It is January and we have returned to school in Ithaca for our second term residency. After sipping my afternoon chai, it’s time to depart for our electives courses. Being currently employed at one of the multi-nationals from India, I decided to enroll in Competition from Emerging Markets, taught by Professor Lourdes Casanova, as one of my electives. The main focus of our class is interactive discussion using case studies of following multinationals:

I had the opportunity to connect with Professor Casanova over coffee. This blog is a recap of our conversation.

  1. What lead to the inclusion of Competition from the Emerging Markets elective in the Cornell Executive MBA Metro NY program?

    This course was introduced as an elective offering based on student feedback to offer new content that is world centric with a component of innovation.

  2. Can you tell me more about the Emerging Markets Institute at the Johnson School? Founded in 2010, the Emerging Markets Institute at the Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management provides thought leadership on the role of emerging markets - and emerging market multinationals - in the global economy. The Institute offers a number of strategic advantages including leadership by eminent scholars, a commitment to global education and research, and access to Cornell’s depth in international studies. The Institute focuses on results, and seeks to identify strategies that companies can successfully employ to manage growth in the emerging markets.
  3. How does the Emerging Markets Institute Fellows program work?

    Emerging Markets Institute offers a Fellowship Program with coursework, practicum, exchange programs, and international study trips. Students have the opportunity to develop, integrate, and practice managerial and cultural skills.

    As part of the curriculum, Fellows are required to take a minimum of nine credits on emerging market-related topics, a semester-long practicum with a corporate sponsored consulting project, and two study trips to different emerging markets or undertake a semester-long study abroad with a partner business school. This fellowship is currently only available to MBA students in Ithaca with a possibility of extension to EMBA students in the future.

  4. What key publications are available to stay connected and learn more about this space? I recommend staying connected via business press such as Economist, Financial Times, International World History, and Economic Times. Many of the major economies have an English language newspaper; it is always good to pay close attention to their press. Below are a couple books that I authored that might be of interest to your class.
  5. What guidance do you have for those interested in these economies?

    At a minimum, I recommend that everyone gain experiences either via global study treks or by working with multinational companies. We have numerous students who can share their success and experiences from these companies. Countries such as China, Brazil, and India will continue to be important and it is in all of our best interest to learn more about them and their cultures.

  6. What events have been sponsored by the EMI that might be of interest to EMBA students?

    We continue to bring annual programming in the form of conferences and talks in the New York Metro area. Below are a few examples of past events sponsored by EMI encompassing India, China, Latin America, and Brazil:

I encourage you to learn about the many opportunities that await you at Cornell.

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