At Johnson we have a world-class leadership faculty that is ready to push you to new levels, engage you with the latest research, and help you maximize your learning from the diverse experiences of your classmates and from your own self-reflection.

Leadership Faculty

Ya-Ru ChenYa-Ru Chen

Nicholas H. Noyes Professor of Management

Ya-Ru Chen teaches the core Managing and Leading Organizations course, and elective classes focused on global leadership competencies -- International Negotiations and Cross-cultural Management. Her current research examines how people attain, maintain, and experience power and status in organizations, and in different national cultural settings.

James DetertJames Detert

Associate Professor of Management and Organizations

Jim Detert teaches required (Managing and Leading Organizations) and elective courses focused on leadership competencies (Becoming a Leader) and values-driven leadership (Principled Leadership) in Johnson's residential and executive MBA programs, and does research and curriculum development related to these topics.

Glen DowelGlen W.S. Dowell

Assistant Professor of Management and Organizations

Glen Dowell teaches the electives The Global Enterprise, Strategic Change and Renewal, and Sustainable Global Enterprise.  These classes deal with giving students the tools to lead organizations in an increasingly complex global business arena.  He researches Corporate Sustainability and focuses on factors that separate environmental leaders and laggards.

Allan FilipowiczAllan Filipowicz

Clinical Professor of Management and Organizations

Allan Filipowicz teaches Executive Leadership and Development, Negotiations, and Managing and Leading Organizations. His research examines how emotions drive or impede leadership effectiveness, at both the intrapersonal (emotions and risky decision making) and interpersonal (humor in negotiations, emotional transitions in negotiations) levels.

Michael HostetlerMichael Hostetler

Lecturer of Management and Organizations

Mike Hostetler's main research and teaching interests are in strategy, decision-making, leadership, high performance teams, and change management.

Hannes LeroyHannes Leroy

Visiting Assistant Professor of Management and Organizations

Hannes Leroy’s research interests focus on the benefits and limitations of authenticity in an organizational context. Accordingly, he teaches electives that focus on developing one’s authenticity (Becoming a Leader) while navigating a political landscape (Power and Politics). Finally, in line with his hobbies, Hannes has expertise in, and experience with, leadership in outdoor settings and supports electives on that front.

Elizabeth MannixElizabeth Mannix

Ann Whitney Olin Professor of Management

Elizabeth Mannix teaches the Managing and Leading in Organizations course in both the Executive and Accelerated MBA programs, and her research focuses on power and influence in groups and teams.

Mark MilsteinMark Milstein

Clinical Professor of Management

Mark Milstein teaches several courses, including the Sustainable Global Enterprise Immersion Practicum and Leaders in Sustainable Global Enterprise. These classes are focused on helping students develop critical thinking and analysis skills related to the strategic management of ambiguous, multi-disciplinary problems. His research is focused on the competitive business opportunities of addressing social and environmental issues through innovation and entrepreneurship.

Risa MishRisa Mish

Senior Lecturer of Management

Risa Mish’s areas of teaching focus are team leadership and critical thinking and problem solving.

Kathleen M. O'ConnorKathleen O’Connor

Associate Professor of Management and Organizations

Kathleen O'Connor's work explores how people navigate social circumstances to find both personal and professional success. Specifically, she investigates what enables some people to accurately identify and exploit opportunities in networks that can pave the way for them to achieve positions of power and influence.

Dana RadcliffeDana Radcliffe

Day Family Senior Lecturer in Business Ethics

Dana Radcliffe's teaching and writing examine the ethical dimensions of leaders' decision making, exploring what is required to treat stakeholders fairly and how to avoid common traps that hinder sound judgment and threaten leaders' integrity.
Viraj Mehta, AMBA ‘12

I think the major strength of our leadership faculty is their ability to present research in the field in a very practical manner that makes it easy for us to understand and incorporate it into our own leadership practices.
– Viraj Mehta, AMBA ‘12
John Tauzel, MBA '12

I was continually impressed by the expertise of the Leadership faculty and grateful for their incredible dedication to helping me and my fellow students become better leaders.
– John Tauzel, MBA ‘12