Johnson develops principled, global business leaders. Our efforts center on training leaders to have:


  • Do you have the relevant knowledge and required skills? 
  • Will your abilities and actions inspire trust and confidence?


  • Are your values clear to yourself and to others? 
  • Do you live your espoused values?
  • Do you stand on principle?


  • Do you show individualized concern for those you lead? 
  • Do you practice inclusive leadership?


  • Will you speak up? 
  • Will you stand alone? 
  • Will you do what is right, rather than what is easy?

We achieve this through a continuous, reinforcing cycle of instruction, experience, and review. To gain experience, students have the following opportunities:

Johnson Team Leadership ExperienceJohnson Team Leadership Experience

Team leadership training, practice, and feedback throughout fall semester

Johnson Outdoor ExperienceJohnson Outdoor Experience

A two-day orientation retreat focused on leadership

Leadership Skills ProgramLeadership Skills Program

Supplemental leadership workshops that will boost your skills

Leadership ExpeditionLeadership Expeditions

Expeditions away from Sage so you can dig-in, full-time to your leadership development

Leading a Student OrganizationLeading a Student Organization

Make a difference at the helm of one of 70+ Johnson organizations

Johnson Leadership FellowsJohnson Leadership Fellows

Coach and mentor first-year students during their first six months at school

Johnson Board FellowshipJohnson Board Fellowship

Serve on an Ithaca area nonprofit board of trustees

Park Leadership Fellows

Park Leadership Fellows

Full-tuition scholarship program for student leaders