Faculty & Staff

The community of Johnson researchers using the BSL includes the following faculty, as well as a number of doctoral students:

Manoj K. Thomas, Associate Professor of Marketing

Margaret Shackell-Dowell, Lab Manager (mbs242@cornell.edu)
Katrina Brewer, Lab Administrator (klb293@cornell.edu)

Robert Bloomfield, Nicholas H. Noyes Professor of Management, Professor of Accounting
Susan Fleming, Visiting Lecturer of Management and Organizations
Ya-Ru Chen, Professor of Management and Global Business
Andrew M. Davis, Acting Assistant Professor of Operations Management  
James Detert, Associate Professor of Management
Srinagesh Gavirneni, Associate Professor of Operations Management
Ori Heffetz, Assistant Professor of Economics
Robert Libby, Professor of Accounting
Beta Mannix, Ann Whitney Olin Professor of Management
Stijn Maurits van Osselaer, Professor of Marketing 
Suresh Muthulingam, Assistant Professor of Operations Management 
Mark Nelson, Eleanora & George Landew Professor of Management; Professor of Accounting
Kathleen O'Connor, Associate Professor of Management and Organizations
Maureen O'Hara, Professor of Finance
Vithala Rao, Deane W. Malott Professor of Management, Professor of Marketing and Quantitative Methods
Jay Russo, S.C. Johnson Family Professor of Management; Professor of Marketing
Gideon Saar, Dr. Philip and Rosalyn Baron Professor of Management; Associate Professor of Finance

Doctoral students
Vic Anand 
Scott Asay
Jeremy Bentley 
Tim Brown
Anne-Sophie Chaxel
Kristen Cooper
Arkangel Cordero
Scott Emett
Eric Gladstone
Brenda Hung
Eldar Maksymov
Sean Martin
Christin Munsch
Joowon Park 
Jin Seok Pyone
Katarzyna Rupar
Carolyne Saunders
Shirley C. Wang 
Hyejung Yoon
Julie Kyung You

Faculty members from other Schools or Universities who work with Johnson researchers:
Kurt Carlson (Duke)
Joyce Ehrlinger (Florida State University, Psych)
Tom Gilovich (Cornell, Psych)
Jeffrey Hales (Georgia Tech)
Susan Krische (American University)
Aparna Labroo (Chicago)
Meg Meloy (Penn State)
Nathan Pettit (NYU)
Dennis Regan (Cornell, Psych)
James Shanteau (Kansas State University)
William Tayler (Emory)

Contact the Business Simulation Lab at BSLAdmin@johnson.cornell.edu.

Ori Heffetz, Assistant Professor of Economics
I regularly use the BSL for conducting experiments because it is a professional lab with a very large pool of potential student-participants, and a great team runs it. In the past few years I’ve conducted experiments with more than a thousand students, studying various topics in economics and psychology.