Participate in a Study

Earn Extra Credit Points or Cash

We welcome all Cornell University students, regardless of major or year, to participate in BSL studies. For compensation, participants can earn extra credit points to be used toward course grades (for courses that offer it with BSL participation), or cash.

Studies can run anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour, and credit or cash is granted at the conclusion of every study. Compensation is determined by the length and difficulty of the study.

Creating an account in SONA, the secure research management system we use in the Lab, is simple and fast. By creating an account, you can view available studies, select a day and time to participate, and manage extra credit points earned for courses. Creating an account does not sign you up for any studies nor does it commit you to anything, unless you log in and sign up for studies in which you would like to participate. Your email address is not used for any other purpose than to send bi-weekly email reminders about studies running and information to reassign extra credit points earned for courses.

To create an account, go to SONA and click on the ‘Request an account here’ link on the left side of the web page.