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The Base Of The Pyramid: Will Selling To The Poor Pay Off?

The biggest challenge in targeting the BOP is that each consumer makes a very small purchase, says M...

FTC: Back Up Green Claims

“I am not a lawyer, but I don't think the saying ‘Go Paperless, Save Trees’ needs significant scient...

Serving the base of the pyramid: five tips from emerging-market experts

Mark Milstein and SGE are featured in this article about serving the base of the pyramid.

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Insights on Doing Business at the Base of the Pyramid

Johnson’s Mark Milstein shares lessons learned at Social Innovation Summit at the United Nations in...

The Market Creation Strategies Initiative: Applied Research Produces Real Impact

Erik Simanis, managing director of Market Creation Strategies, describes a process for applied resea...

Driving Social Change Around the World

Lori McMahon, SGE immersion '09 and MBA '10, senior marketing consumer market manager at Intel Corpo...

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Creating What Hasn't Existed Before

Jacqueline Novogratz, founder and CEO
of the Acumen Fund

Novogratz talks with Mark Milstein, director of
the Center for Sustainable Global Enterprise,
about the drive within entrepreneurs to create and innovate.