Students Recognized for Excellence, Leadership, and Scholarship in SGE

6/20/2011 10:35:00 AM

The Samuel C. Johnson Awards in Sustainable Global Enterprise are given to graduating students.

At the Dean’s Award Brunch during graduation weekend several students were recognized for their achievement and leadership in sustainable global enterprise while here at Johnson.  Two awards are given annually in honor of Samuel C. Johnson, whose own vision and leadership led to the establishment of the Center for Sustainable Global Enterprise (SGE) at Johnson. 

The Samuel C. Johnson Award in Sustainable Global Enterprise Leadership recognizes an outstanding student who has demonstrated excellence, leadership, and/or scholarship in the area of Sustainable Global Enterprise.  Typically an individual award, however, this year two students were recognized – Elicia Carmichael and Elizabeth Mygatt.

Elicia (Eli) has been deeply involved in SGE on multiple fronts including as an SGE career work group leader, an SGE-focused admissions ambassador, and the SGE DJ speaker for prospective students.  Her work as an Affinity Group Leader in the SGE Club was especially highlighted. Through her enthusiasm and sheer energy she personally grew the Water Affinity Group (AG) from a single person into a larger, busy group. In addition, she also launched the Agriculture AG last spring which has been one of the most active SGE affinity groups of the last two years. “It seemed at different points over the past two years that Eli was hosting speakers, driving people to farms, organizing trips to water treatment plants all in the course of a week. She has been such a dedicated and involved person for SGE. She is another star at Johnson.”

“When I think of Liz (Elizabeth), I absolutely think of “excellence”, “leadership”, and “scholarship”, and certainly she has routinely exemplified those descriptors in the realm of SGE.”  She has had multiple experiences at Johnson that demonstrate her commitment to and capability in this area: as an elected officer in the SGE club; assisting in collecting data and writing the case for the Global Leadership Case Competition; and working with the MBA Admissions office to improve the attraction and retention of SGE candidates.  More notably, Liz is considered a true thought leader, “someone who doesn’t need to dominate the floor but whose comments were always among the most powerful and insightful.” 

award winnersThe Samuel C. Johnson Award in Sustainable Global Enterprise Practice recognizes an outstanding team of students who have demonstrated excellence in leadership and made a lasting contribution to sustainable global enterprise through a project, initiative, etc. This was awarded to Elicia Carmichael, Kelly Dwyer, Meredith Gethin-Jones, and Elizabeth Mygatt for their project with Educate the Children (ETC), an Ithaca based NGO that works with illiterate women and children in disadvantaged communities in remote communities in Nepal. ITC provides strategic support to educate children through scholarships, efforts to improve teaching, and small school improvement projects.

The ETC Team quickly grasped the organization’s issues and then defined the project – to help ETC brand itself appropriately and develop a suitable business model. The team organized itself, took initiative, arranged meetings with stakeholders and examined the program in depth.  “The overall job was truly outstanding, worthy of a professional group with much greater experience. ETC is now implementing the branding part and already thinks along many of the ways that the team proposed. The team acted as true leaders, developing a sustainable model for ETC and energizing many of its key people—board and staff. The team exhibited leadership of a caliber worthy of very senior managers.”

Congratulations to all Samuel C. Johnson Sustainable Global Enterprise Award winners!