2013 Winners

Cook Stove Design Competition Winners

1st Place

LO Stove

by Ryan Bookhamer

Ryan BookhamerRyan Bookhamer is the creative director of RSB International, his design and product development firm.  RSB specializes in the practical application of design and engineering to produce innovative product opportunities in the Consumer Product and Medical Industries.

He has a Masters in Industrial Design from the Pratt Institute and a Master’s in Education from Mercyhurst University and currently teaches Engineering and Technology in the Fairview School District.  Apart from teaching, he develops products and intellectual property, as well as manages manufacturing for companies in the US and Asia. He really enjoys bringing a concept from the initial sketches to production.

Ryan is an innovator with a focus on manufacturing. He works incredibly hard and loves his family and the Lord.  He is married to a beautiful woman named Sarah and has two amazing children. They currently live on a peaceful lake in a small town north of Pittsburgh, PA.
LO Stove
Bookhamer’s design, LO, a sleek, bright green unit, was noted for being durable, lightweight, and efficient for its compact size. The LO unit holds a single kerosene tank for ease of transport and cleaning. The judges were impressed with its simple design, which requires few parts making it easy to manufacture and affordable.

2nd Place

Stick Stove

by Taro Nagano

Taro NaganoTaro Nagano graduated with a degree in design from Tokyo Zokei University in Japan. He worked in graphic design for 14 years and in this role he created various sales promotion tools for clients, such as POP, store displays, print designs, logo designs, and more.

Taro left the design firm three years ago to study Product Design Fundamentals at NYU SCPS and fulfill his lifelong dream of becoming a product designer.  While studying he had the opportunity to work at ION design in NJ and this experience, although short, confirmed his desire to pursue a career in product design. He currently works as a freelance designer while seeking a product design opportunity.

The book The Real World: Human Ecology and Social Change by Victor Papanek influenced him profoundly and made him deeply interested in sustainable design creating a desire to design products for developing countries.  You can see his works on Taro Nagano's website.

Stick StoveAccording to the judges, Nagano’s Stick Stove design was inspiring and challenged notions of cook stoves. This stove focuses on the function of the burner and therefore has no grill for pots or kettles. It allows users to continue using traditional stoves that burn biomass by simply replacing the biomass with this innovative clean kerosene burner shaped like a stick.

3rd Place

Kayla Stove

by Uday Kiran

Uday KiranUday Kiran is a freelance concept designer, hobby photographer, day dreamer and avid traveler, having visited about 16 countries (and counting).  He has 2.5 years of professional experience with a bachelor’s degree in Interior Space & Equipment Design from MIT’s Institute of Design, India and a master’s degree in Industrial Design from Florence Design Academy, Italy.  He has won international design competitions organized by reputed companies like Heineken, Ricard and Eyeka.

Being an explorer by nature and a challenge acceptor, it has led him to look at usual problems with an unusual perspective and a seasoning of creativity.

Stoves are typically designed around the use of one particular fuel, but third place winner, Kiran, took a different approach. His Kayla Stove design was unique for allowing the use of various fuels, enabling the stove to be adaptable to most locations.  In addition, it provides the user the ability to choose the fuel that is most readily available and affordable on any given day. “The idea of using one platform with different fuel modules provides the greatest ability to appeal to diverse consumers in different markets," said one judge.
Kayla Stove