10/23/2014   5:00pm

Linda Lingle, former governor of Hawai’i

Warren Hall Auditorium, B45

10/23/2014   5:00pm

Laurie Marker: A Future for Cheetahs: How Biofuels and Goat Cheese Can Save Wildlife and Lead to Sustainable Development in Namibia

Schwartz Auditorium, Rockefeller Hall

10/24/2014   9:00am

NMI5050-027-13441 - GREENHOUSE GAS INVENTORIES - 0.1 credits


10/28/2014   2:55pm

Brad Edmondson, Author of "Ice Cream Social: The Struggle for the Soul of Ben & Jerry's"

Sage Hall, Room 141

10/31/2014   9:00am

NMI5050-028-13444 - SYSTEMS AND META-THINKING - 0.1 credits


10/31/2014   4:00pm

Andrew Revkin : The Daily Planet: A Journalist Reviews the Bidding after 30 Years of Exploring Environmental Science from the Amazon to the Arctic

A105 Corson Mudd Hall

11/4/2014   2:55pm

Heather White, Director of New Standards

Sage Hall, Room B11

11/5/2014   6:00pm

Leaders in SGE Colloquium Presents, Lloyd Le Page, CEO, Heartland Global

B09 Sage Hall

11/7/2014   6:30pm

Center for Sustainable Global Enterprise Networking Social

Coup d’detat; 2923 Girard Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55408 (612) 354-357 http://coupdetatmpls.com/

11/12/2014   6:00pm

Leaders in SGE Colloquium Presents, Ian Gaffney and Samantha Abrams, Co-founders of Emmy's Organics

B09 Sage Hall

11/14/2014   9:00am

NMI5050-029-13445 - SUSTAINABLE INVESTING - 0.1 credits


11/17/2014   4:30pm

Durland Lecture: Wendell Weeks, CEO Corning, Inc.

Gates Auditorium

11/19/2014   6:00pm

Leaders in SGE Colloquium Presents, Tristram Coffin, CEO, Alternatives Federal Credit Union

B09 Sage Hall