Videoconferencing Technology

Sophisticated technology is key to the Cornell-Queen's Executive MBA Program. It is proven, interactive, and seamless, an exciting, proven way to learn.  Our partner, Queen's University, has been using interactive videoconferencing since 1994, while consistently maintaining their ranking as the best MBA program in Canada and one of the best in the world.  The Cornell-Queen's Executive MBA Program began operation in 2005 and has grown substantially since that time.

State-of-the-art Videoconference Technology

When viewing our videoconference system for the first time, most people are struck by the high-quality sound and picture, as well as the high degree of real-time interactivity. The system produces video at 30 frames per second and first-rate audio. Professors lead the class from custom-designed broadcast studios located on the Cornell and Queen's campuses. The system facilitates a highly intimate interaction between the professor and the learning teams, as well as between the teams themselves. A mute button allows teams to carry on internal discussions during class and break-out sessions without disrupting the other teams. At any time, participants can signal the professor that they have a question or comment. Each boardroom is equipped with Internet and laptop connections, allowing the ability to make professional presentations to the class.

Convenient Locations

The Cornell-Queen's Executive MBA is among the most flexible programs anywhere. For most people, the fact that it is offered in so many locations means that you don't have to leave your home city to attend. It also means that when your business takes you on the road, you may attend class with a Boardroom Learning Team in the city you are visiting. In addition, if you are required to relocate during the program, you may be able to join a team in your destination city. In this way, the program offers you great flexibility that does not compromise the core values of a Cornell MBA experience, such as close interaction with your classmates and an integrated curriculum.

Team-Based Learning Model

The Cornell-Queen's Executive MBA uses the power of teams to create a highly supportive and collaborative learning experience.  Teams function just as they would in the workplace, drawing on the diverse skills and experiences of all team members.  Teams are formed at the beginning of the program and remain together for the duration.  Each team is comprised of five to nine members, with an emphasis on diversity of background.  Teams work on projects and assignments together, providing a practical model for coursework and facilitating outstanding academic results.  Team Coaches work closely with each team, assisting in the process of creating and maintaining high-performing teams.