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Richard J. Coyle

Richard J. Coyle

Feb 02 2012

Welcome to the Emerging Markets Institute

Welcome to the inaugural blog from the Emerging Markets Institute at Johnson.  We have aggressive plans ahead of us for the coming semester. Please continue to watch our website, as we are planning significant additions to our content.  Our goal is to make our website into a one stop shop for information related to the emerging markets.

In December, 2011 we announced our first class of Emerging Market fellow candidates.  These 16 students will have to complete a rigorous body of coursework, a management practicum, and study trips during their tenure here at Johnson.  When finished, they will be designated as “fellows” and be qualified to assume roles either directly in emerging markets, or in headquarters/regional offices with emerging market responsibilities.   The students come from a variety of professional backgrounds and countries, and will be enhancing our programming and thought leadership.

The Institute is already at work bringing exciting speakers to Johnson.   Last fall, we were pleased to host George Ugeux, CEO of Galileo Global Advisors, who spoke with a small group of students on the rise of multinational firms from emerging markets and the challenges for global capital markets.  He emphasized the need for more research on the issues raised for regulatory agencies in the US markets by listings of Chinese companies on US exchanges.  In February, we will be holding a panel discussion of prominent Cornell faculty on the European Financial Crisis in conjunction with the Johnson European Club.  We will also be hosting Cynthia Steer, Head of Manager Research & Investment Solutions for BNY Mellon, who will speak to us on ““The Way Forward – How Events in Developed Nations Will Impact Emerging and Frontier Markets”.  David Steel, Executive Vice President of Strategy and Corporate Communications for Samsung Electronics North America, will share with us the complexities of operating within a global consumer electronics giant on February 23.  April brings an exciting EMI event in New York City.   We will be holding a forum on trade and investment opportunities in Brazil in partnership with Better Brazil and Forum das Americas.  In May, we will be visited by Jeff Peterson, Vice President of Strategic Development for Monsanto.

I have an amazing coincidence to relate.  I just returned from Paris, where I was co-teaching a course in International Management Consulting, with students from Johnson and ESCP, a pan European business school.  As a way to get the students to know one another, we organized a treasure hunt.  One of the tasks was to find a native Parisian, get his/her name and telephone number, and take a photograph.  A group of Johnson and ESCP students were in the Saint Germain section of Paris, and decided to ask a gentleman they randomly found walking down the street.  He confirmed he was indeed from Paris, and allowed to have his picture taken.  As the students were turning to walk away, he asked in English, “Where are you from?”  The Johnson students replied, “From Cornell University, in the United States.”  “Cornell,” he responded.  “One moment”.  He reached into his pocket and pulled out his wallet.  He then produced an identification card from Cornell University, Graduate School of Business and Public Administration (the forerunner of the Johnson Graduate School of Management).  It was dated September, 1959!  Out of a metropolitan region of 12 million people, the students had found an alumnus of their own school.  What would the law of probability say?

1959 Student ID Card of Paul Comar

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