Global Vision

Founded in 2010, Cornell’s Emerging Markets Institute at the Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management provides thought leadership on the role of emerging markets—and emerging market multinationals—in the global economy. The Institute brings together preeminent practitioners and academics from around the world to develop the next generation of global business leaders and create the premier research center on the role of emerging markets in the global economy.

The Institute offers a number of strategic advantages: leadership by eminent scholars, a commitment to global education and research, and access to Cornell’s depth in international studies. The Institute focuses on results, and seeks to identify strategies which companies can successfully employ to manage growth in the emerging markets.

The Emerging Markets Institute additionally offers a Fellowship Program with coursework, practicum, exchange programs, and international study trips. Our Fellows have the opportunity to develop, integrate, and practice their managerial and cultural skills. As part of the curriculum, Fellows are required to take a minimum of nine credits on emerging market- related topics, a semester long practicum with a corporate sponsored consulting project, and two study trips to different emerging markets or undertake a semester long study abroad with a partner business school. Many of our Fellows have successfully completed coveted internships and secured full time positions with Endeavor Global in Brazil, the Tony Elumelu Foundation in Ghana and Zambia, McKinsey in Russia, Boston Consulting Group in Indonesia, Ernst & Young in Brazil, and 8 Miles LLP Private Equity firm in Ethiopia.

“The EMI Fellowship program has prepared me for an internship with Strategy& (Booz & Co) in Mexico City.”

Jim Cruz, MBA ’15
EMI Candidate