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Richard J. Coyle

Richard J. Coyle

Feb 20 2013

A New Year and More Events

The Emerging Markets Institute had a full fall semester with a highly successful conference on Brazil and speakers such as the CEO of GE China, a senior manager from the U.S./India Business Council, a leading professor from  Tsingua University, The Mayor of Athens, Greece,  the Governor of the Reserve Bank of India, the retired Chair and CEO of Infosys, a Director and Portfolio Manager from Blackrock, the former Vice President of International Asset Protection & Security from Wal-Mart, and a Principal in Corporate Finance from KPMG in Israel.

We recruited 28 new candidates into the Emerging Markets Fellows program, and expect to graduate 20 in May.  These students are finding roles both in the emerging markets and in headquarters operations with emerging market responsibilities.  The fellows are well prepared with coursework in emerging markets finance, operations, marketing and strategy, and have completed a management consulting project and several study trips.In February, the Institute travelled to Washington, DC to identify additional international organizations for research and collaboration.  We are actively expanding our corporate partners program and welcomed GE in January, which joined Citi and BISSELL Homecare.

EMI Executive Director Richard J. Coyle and Sr. Lecturer Lourdes Casanova in front of the White House, Washington, DC

EMI Executive Director Richard J. Coyle and Sr. Lecturer Lourdes Casanova in front of the White House, Washington, DC

Our research continues to expand as well.   We have recently posted a white paper by one of our faculty co-directors, Andrew Karolyi, who argues how a June 2010 decision by the United States Supreme Court has driven a major wedge between U.S. and foreign securities markets.  As a result, costs to U.S. investors seeking foreign exposure have been increased, which has impeded the flow of U.S. capital abroad.  You will also note a new feed to our website from the Oxford Business Group, with timely reports on select emerging markets.

Lastly, we are all taking pride in Johnson’s recent Businessweek MBA program rankings, which places Johnson as 10th in International Business and 7th overall.  For a new program such as ours, we take pride in this recognition, and continue to strive for excellence in all of our undertakings.

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