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Richard J. Coyle

Richard J. Coyle

Jun 10 2013

Graduation, and what's ahead

We just wrapped up the graduation of 14 Fellows from the Emerging Markets Institute.  I am excited that they are heading off to full time roles ranging from Boston Consulting Group in Indonesia and Private Equity in Ethiopia.  They are an impressive bunch, and I foresee them continuing to contribute valuable insights back to our institute.

At the same time, we are gearing up for a full Summer and Fall semester.  On June 19, we are hosting an Emerging Market Roundtable at Citi on Park Avenue in New York.  There will be two sessions: one on “Managing Risk” and the other on “Forming Public Private Partnerships”.  On September 3, Mark Hutchinson, CEO of GE China will be making a return visit to Ithaca, while on September 4, we are hosting Michel Temer, the Vice President of Brazil, for breakfast at the Cornell Club in New York.  Mr. Temer will give us an overview of the opportunities in the Brazilian economy.  In mid-October, we will present a full day conference on “Innovation in Latin America”.  We hope to secure the date soon, and begin building out the agenda.

On the intellectual capability front, we just completed a first of its kind web portal for emerging market research for our corporate partners.  Users will be able to access articles from 50 academic journals over a span of five years for approximately 40 emerging market countries.  This information had been previously reserved for the academic community only, but through our relationships with content providers, we have made this available for our institute partners.

We also awarded grants to our faculty this summer, to foster more research in the emerging markets:

• Srinagesh Gavirneni (Johnson), Charles Vincent (Pontifica Universidad Catolica Peru) - “Evolution of Corporate Social Responsibility in Peru’s Mining Industry - A Longitudinal Analysis using Machine Learning”

• Sachin Gupta (Johnson), Shailendra P. Jain (University of Washington), Sanjiv Kakkar (EVP, Unilever Russia) - “Assessing the Market Performance of Sustainable Innovations in Developing and Developed Markets”

In the Fall, we will be welcoming back 27 Emerging Market Fellows, who are currently completing their summer internships.  They will be engaged in a variety of courses from Emerging Markets Strategy to an international management consulting practicum.  They will be actively participating in our institute activities, and contributing to its growth.

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