Corporate Partners

The Institute is forging partnerships with leading corporations worldwide with the mutual goal of furthering research and understanding of the rapidly expanding role of emerging markets in the global economy.

Corporations that partner with the Emerging Markets Institute will have:

  • Access to world-class research
  • The opportunity for in-depth peer-to-peer idea exchange
  • The opportunity to sponsor a student project of specific relevance to your company
  • The opportunity to recruit graduates from the Emerging Markets Student Fellows program, which requires a rigorous combination of studies and practical experience in emerging markets
  • Invitations to private roundtables where business leaders can network and exchange views on specific topics
  • Invitations to an annual academic conference on emerging market research
  • The opportunity to request benchmark studies on countries, industries and issues
  • Access to a comprehensive database of academic research on emerging markets 
  • Recognition on the Institute’s web site
  • Four leading corporate partners of the EMI are GE, CitiAlternative Emerging Investor and BISSELL Homecare, Inc.

General ElectricAlternative Emerging Investor Magazine

Member Levels and Benefits 

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Institute Partner
($40,000 per year)
Institute Member
per year)
Participation in corporate partner meeting
'     Active role in planning and execution of corporate partner meeting to discuss future initiatives of the institute.
Opportunity to sponsor a student consulting project
'     Partners can submit and oversee a consulting engagement with a team of MBA students focused on the emerging markets.
Advisory board membership
'     Board of senior executives meets twice annually to review plans for the year and offer advice as to programming classroom work and research which are necessary in the emerging markets.
Access to academic research database
'     We have developed a one of a kind portal to a body of academic research spanning five years across 50 academic journals and 43 countries classified as "emerging".  Includes a search engine to navigate through more than 1500 articles.
Collaboration on a case writing project or research initiative
'     Partners can collaborate with faculty to jointly develop case studies or research initiatives with company generated data.

Participation in institute roundtables
'     The Institute gathers experts for roundtable discussions on relevant emerging market topics.  Roundtables serve as excellent venues to share best practices and expand professional networks.

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Invitation to annual academic conference
'     Johnson Faculty are involved in either organizing or contributing content to annual academic conferences, which can be attended by Corporate Partners.
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Opportunity to develop a recruiting pipeline via student fellows
'     We can assist in matching student interests with your needs.
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“Through the Emerging Markets Institute, I was engaged in a consulting project for a major component manufacturer in the telecom industry, looking at market opportunities in Africa.”

- Colin Gu, MBA '15
EMI Candidate