EMI Fellows

The Emerging Markets Institute Fellows program offers a unique experience for bright and motivated Johnson MBA students to engage in coursework, study trips and international exchanges, and creative projects while becoming an integral part of the Institute. Fellows candidates are competitively selected from our full time residential MBA program via an application process during the first semester of study at Johnson. Fellows candidates network with Johnson alumni, guest speakers, and corporate partners while contributing to the growth and development of the Institute. For more information on applying to the fellows program, click here.

Class of 2016

Matthew V. Agnello, Two-Year MBA '16

Matthew V. Agnello

Two-Year MBA '16

Fatma Barkus, Two-Year MBA '16

Fatma Barkus

Two-Year MBA '16

Darren Blount, Two-Year MBA '16

Darren Blount

Two-Year MBA '16

Po an Chen, Two-Year MBA '16

Po an Chen

Two-Year MBA '16

Jenna Cohen, Two-Year MBA '16

Jenna Cohen

Two-Year MBA '16

Alexandra Conde, Two-Year MBA '16

Alexandra Conde

Two-Year MBA '16

Michael Vincent Fazzino, Two-Year MBA '16

Michael Vincent Fazzino

Two-Year MBA '16

Meiling Hu, Two-Year MBA '16

Meiling Hu

Two-Year MBA '16

Brian Liberatore, Two-Year MBA '16

Brian Liberatore

Two-Year MBA '16

Yao Meng, Two-Year MBA '16

Yao Meng

Two-Year MBA '16

Marco Montoya, Two-Year MBA '16

Marco Montoya

Two-Year MBA '16

Baizeed Nur, Two-Year MBA '16

Baizeed Nur

Two-Year MBA '16

Janaki Palaniappan, Two-Year MBA '16

Janaki Palaniappan

Two-Year MBA '16

Zenaida Ricaldi, Two-Year MBA '16

Zenaida Ricaldi

Two-Year MBA '16

Laura Ioana Simion, Two-Year MBA '16

Laura Ioana Simion

Two-Year MBA '16

Roxana Solorzano, Two-Year MBA '16

Roxana Solorzano

Two-Year MBA '16

Winston Sun, Two-Year MBA '16

Winston Sun

Two-Year MBA '16

Schuyler Ballou Woods, Two-Year MBA '16

Schuyler Ballou Woods

Two-Year MBA '16

Jiajia Xu, One-Year MBA '16

Jiajia Xu

One-Year MBA '16

Class of 2015

Daniel Alvarez-Valencia, One-Year MBA '15

Daniel Alvarez-Valencia

One-Year MBA '15

Andrea Amaya, Two-Year MBA '15

Andrea Amaya

Two-Year MBA '15

Momo Bi, Two-Year MBA '15

Momo Bi

Two-Year MBA '15

Pascal Christian, Two-Year MBA '15

Pascal Christian

Two-Year MBA '15

Brennan Whitaker Duty, Two-Year MBA '15

Brennan Whitaker Duty

Two-Year MBA '15

Juan David Gil Zuluaga, Two-Year MBA '15

Juan David Gil Zuluaga

Two-Year MBA '15

Ashwin Sridhar Gowda, One-Year MBA '15

Ashwin Sridhar Gowda

One-Year MBA '15

Colin Shengbo Gu, Two-Year MBA '15

Colin Shengbo Gu

Two-Year MBA '15

Damian T. Kearney, Two-Year MBA '15

Damian T. Kearney

Two-Year MBA '15

Mr Vikash Das Khanna, Two-Year MBA '15

Mr Vikash Das Khanna

Two-Year MBA '15

Chris Sungjoo Kim, One-Year MBA '15

Chris Sungjoo Kim

One-Year MBA '15

Krasina Koleva, Two-Year MBA '15

Krasina Koleva

Two-Year MBA '15

Murali Kumar, One-Year MBA '15

Murali Kumar

One-Year MBA '15

Ankit Mandhania, One-Year MBA '15

Ankit Mandhania

One-Year MBA '15

Gregory J. Miller, Two-Year MBA '15

Gregory J. Miller

Two-Year MBA '15

Arnab Mukherjee, Two-Year MBA '15

Arnab Mukherjee

Two-Year MBA '15

Leonardo A. Pozzobon, One-Year MBA '15

Leonardo A. Pozzobon

One-Year MBA '15

Manish Reddy, One-Year MBA '15

Manish Reddy

One-Year MBA '15

Cindy Seo, Two-Year MBA '15

Cindy Seo

Two-Year MBA '15

Gaurav Jitendra Shah, One-Year MBA '15

Gaurav Jitendra Shah

One-Year MBA '15

Tariboma E. Teme, Two-Year MBA '15

Tariboma E. Teme

Two-Year MBA '15

Amber Grace Thomas, One-Year MBA '15

Amber Grace Thomas

One-Year MBA '15

Larissa Muglia Wechsler, Two-Year MBA '15

Larissa Muglia Wechsler

Two-Year MBA '15

Jared S. Woodrey, Two-Year MBA '15

Jared S. Woodrey

Two-Year MBA '15

Faye Zhenfei Zou, Two-Year MBA '15

Faye Zhenfei Zou

Two-Year MBA '15

Fellows prior to 2015

Hamza Bennani, MBA '14
Mr Chifanjohnson Cheng, MBA '14
Boon Hoe Chin, MBA '14
Gustavo Barbetta Cruz, MBA '14
Matthew T. De Paolo, MBA '14
Ozgur Ozan Eken, MBA '14
Cecilia Li He, MBA '14
Stephanie Hsi, MBA '14
Ginger Ku, MBA '14
Dhruv Lilaramani, MBA '14
Ian Felipe Martins Shih, MBA '14
Jerry Petit-Frere, MBA '14
Bryson W. Saez, MBA '14
Andy Shen, MBA '14
Raj Krishna Shrestha, MBA '14
Mr Maksim Spivak, MBA '14
Amanda Kaiman Wu, MBA '14
Morgan Xiaojiao Yi, MBA '14
Derick Appia-kubi, MBA '13
Lynnette Duenas, MBA '13
Anshuman Kumar, MBA '13
Stephanie Kwok, MBA '13
Kawon Park, MBA '13
Lev Perelman, MBA '13
Nirupama Prakash Kumar, AMBA '13
Wijaya Sumono, MBA '13
Stacy Tang, AMBA '13
Anupama K. Umachandar, AMBA '13
Willy Yu-Chung Wang, MBA '13
Amity Bastow Weiss, MBA '13
Hua M. Yang, AMBA '13
Kelvin Zhang, MBA '13
Gopal Bethmangalkar, AMBA '12

Morgan Yi, MBA '14

“EMI introduced me to a London-based Pan African Private Equity firm for a summer position in strategic planning at a winery in Ethiopia.”

- Morgan Yi, MBA '14
EMI Fellow

Johnson Students Featured on ETV Ghana

Johnson students were featured on ETV Ghana during their January 2013 visit to StratComm Africa, a communications consulting firm owned by Cornell alumna Esther Cobbah.

Student Groups

The Emerging Markets Institute maintains strong ties with student business associations, and often jointly plans speaking events and panel discussions, such as: