Ian Felipe Martins Shih
MBA '14

Born in Brazil and having additionally grown up in Japan and Hong Kong, Ian brings to EMI a very international background and deep knowledge about East Asian and Brazilian markets. Ian is fluent in Portuguese and Japanese, and has also travelled extensively through South East Asia, witnessing first-hand the manufacturing shift from China to Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia.

Ian got his BS in Industrial Engineering from UC Berkeley in 2007, and has spent the last 4.5 years working in UPS as an internal consultant and dispatch planning. His experience with process optimization, data mining and managerial support has helped him get several consulting offers for the summer 2013, of which he has accepted Accenture&rsquos offer in operations consulting.

Ian has a strong interest in education development within the emerging markets, and aspires to create a sustainable and scalable supplemental education system in the future, with the belief that fundamental education is the greatest equalizer for underprivileged children and greatest contributor to social and political reform in the long term