Brennan Whitaker Duty
Two-Year MBA '15

Brennan Duty is a first year MBA candidate at Johnson. In addition to being an EMI Candidate, he is also a Candidate for the Environmental Finance and Impacting Investing EFII Fellowship program. Appropriately, he is studying the intersection between finance and sustainable global enterprise.   

Before joining Johnson this past Fall, Brennan was working in Brazil as the Commercial Manager at Sustainable Carbon, the largest developer of greenhouse gas emission reductions projects in Latin America. His capstone accomplishments at the firm include: entrepreneuring the environmental consulting branch of the company increasing carbon offset sales by 14% to channel partners or clients in 23 countries on five continents, and leading a rebranding effort that increased margins and changed the way the international carbon market interacted with SOCIALCARBON, a standard to measure socio-environmental performance of carbon projects.

Apart from short but meaningful internships in the social enterprise and non-profit sectors in Brazil and Argentina, respectively, Brennan&rsquos other professional experience has been in strategic grassroots/tops lobbying for legislative initiatives on behalf of Fortune 500 clients. At Move Ohio, he coordinated various campaigns related to transportation, healthcare, energy and telecommunications with an 80% success rate in advancing clients&rsquo objectives.

Brennan graduated from the Ohio State University with a Bachelor of Arts in International Economics with an emphasis on entrepreneurship. He is married to his partner, Fernando Bernardo, who is also an EMI Candidate at the Johnson School.  

Personal Interest

Brennan is an accomplished amateur chef, food writer for local newspapers and passionate advocate of sustainable food systems