Mr Vikash Das Khanna
Two-Year MBA '15

Prior to business school, Vikash Khanna spent four years in the global arena, where he represented the interests of some of the largest corporations and investment houses. He held internship positions at the Business Council for the United Nations and the International Chamber of Commerce, and he was Senior Manager on the New York desk of the U.S.-India Business Council. These roles gave Vikash firsthand exposure to the tremendous growth potential of emerging markets, and they instilled in him the value of active engagement between the private sector and government. Vikash is deeply interested in the politics of the world, and in the strategic dynamics of international deals.

Vikash received a B.S. in Policy Analysis and Management from Cornell University, where he was a Rawlings Cornell Presidential Research Scholar. At the Johnson School, he is a Park Fellow and a BR Consultant, and is actively pursuing a career in corporate strategy consulting.