Get Involved

How You Can Get Involved With The Emerging Markets Institute


  • We are always in need of projects for our international consulting practicum, which students will complete during the semester. Previous projects have involved devising new market entry strategies, maximizing effectiveness of customer service, and increasing market demand.

Executive Interviews

  • Our students are reaching out to executives in emerging markets for interviews which will be transcribed and posted onto our website. Your perspectives on developments in these rapidly expanding economies will be valued!

Alumni Videoconferences

  • We have launched a monthly videoconference series, where a group of Fellows from the Emerging Markets Institute will have live chats with alumni in the emerging markets. We appreciate your time and views!


  • If you have business travel which will take you to the Northeastern United States, consider adding a trip to Ithaca onto your agenda and we will find a class or group of students who will want to hear about your experiences.

Job Referrals

  • If you are aware of openings within your organization or others, please feel free to notify us. We work closely with the Career Management Center and will be sure the opening gets posted.

Corporate Partners Program

  • We are seeking Corporate Partners for the Emerging Markets Institute. Partners will help guide and shape the institute, making sure we remain relevant to the needs of business. Benefits include free projects, benchmarking studies, and an annual conference. We would be happy to receive referrals of companies which could benefit from our involvement.

Larissa Muglia Wechsler, MBA '15

“The Emerging Markets Institute helped me understand how to leverage my previous experience in Brazil into my summer internship in the US.”

- Larissa Muglia Wechsler, MBA '15
EMI Fellow