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Dropping Oil Prices Affect Emerging Markets Differently

by Jared Woodrey, MBA ‘15
Jared Woodrey, MBA ‘15
The falling price of crude oil is helping oil dependent countries, but hurting oil producers.

The Innovation Challenges and Achievements of Latin America

by Sukriti Jain, Research Assistant, Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management
Sukriti Jain, Research Assistant, Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management

EMI Research Assistant, Sukriti Jain highlights Lourdes Casanova's work on innovation in Latin America.

New Regulations in the Mexican Insurance Market

by Alejandra Quintos Lima, Universidad de las Américas Puebla (UDLAP)
Alejandra Quintos Lima, Universidad de las Américas Puebla (UDLAP)
Mexican exchange student Alejandra Quintos Lima analyzes recent changes in the Mexican Insurance Industry, and identifies possible consequences.

A deep dive into Brazil's future

by Amanda Kaiman Wu, MBA ‘14
Amanda Kaiman Wu, MBA ‘14
Amanda Wu MBA '14 analysis of the opportunities within Brazil's education, technology and investment sectors

Understanding Your Customer in India

by Boon Hoe Chin, MBA ‘14
Boon Hoe Chin, MBA ‘14


An interview with Privthvideep Singh, BS '11, Strategic Marketing Director of Dynel LED Lighting, New Delhi, India


EMI Fellows Experience the Business, Political, and Cultural Landscape of Israel: Three Takeaways From My Visit to Israel

by Gregory Miller, MBA ’15
Gregory Miller, MBA ’15
An MBA student's perspective of the Johnson trek to the Holy Land of Israel 

Africapitalism: A new Era for Africa

by Jerry Petit-Frere, MBA ‘14
Jerry Petit-Frere, MBA ‘14
How a summer in Africa changed the perspective of an American MBA student

How to Establish a Positive Reputation for a Chinese Firm Entering the United States Market

by Momo Bi, MBA '15
Momo Bi, MBA '15

Things to consider when entering the China market, an interview with James Robinson, Senior Director in APCO Worldwide's New York office 

An Overview of Brazil and Mercosur: A Consultant’s Perspective

by Ian Martins Shih, MBA’14
Ian Martins Shih, MBA’14

An interview with Leticia Costa, MBA '86, former Vice President at Booz and Company and head of consulting in Brazil 

Identifying potential opportunities in China’s geriatric care industries by reflecting upon current US models and future trends.

by Stephanie Hsi, MBA ‘14
Stephanie Hsi, MBA ‘14
The similarities and differences in the geriatric care between the US and China, a student's work on defining opportunities in the business model
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“Through I course I took with the Emerging Markets Institute, I developed a human resource strategy for retaining high potential female employees for a major investment bank in South Africa. This was my most beneficial experience at business school and highlighted a pressing subject: women’s empowerment in the workplace.”

- Bryson Saez, MBA '14
EMI Fellow