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Why Alibaba Succeeds in China: Implications for the Chinese Business Environment

by Winston Sun, MBA ‘16
Winston Sun, MBA ‘16

Alibaba has grown to be larger than Amazon and eBay combined by understanding the Chinese consumer and offering services which resonate.

Why Xiaomi Succeeds in China: Implications for the Chinese Business Environment

by Winston Sun, MBA ‘16
Winston Sun, MBA ‘16

Xiaomi, the world’s third largest smartphone maker, has found a way to satisfy consumers with a high quality product at an emerging market price.

“Beyond the BRICs” Conference at Northeastern University Center for Emerging Markets Co-organized with Cornell University’s Emerging Markets Institute

by Chen Chen, Visiting Scholar
Chen Chen, Visiting Scholar

Opportunities exist in other emerging markets than the BRICS countries.

Hyperinflation Venezuela’s potential next crash: The Perils of Monetary Policy

by Alejandro Martinez, MBA ‘13
Alejandro Martinez, MBA ‘13

As Venezuela approaches hyperinflation, they need to establish a monetary policy independent of political influences.  Otherwise, the economy faces ruin.

Petrobras Scandal from an Ethical Perspective

by Murilo Bourroul Broggiato, MBA ‘15
Murilo Bourroul Broggiato, MBA ‘15

A series of ethical failures on behalf of suppliers, employees and management have created the largest corporate scandal in Latin American History.  Petrobras, a former corporate role model, is now under intense scrutiny as regulators and the public ask, “How did this happen?”

China’s excursion to Africa

by Ankit Mandhania, MBA ‘15
Ankit Mandhania, MBA ‘15

Chinese investments in Africa are bringing not only sorely needed infrastructure, but concerns about labor standards, wages, occupational health and safety, and workers’ rights.

Life Sciences Research & Development in India

by Gaurav J. Shah, MBA ‘15
Gaurav J. Shah, MBA ‘15
Companies in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and medical devices are investing in India as a way to increase research & development productivity.

Nigeria and the Consumer Goods Space: A 30,000-Foot Snapshot

by Vikash Khanna, MBA ‘15
Vikash Khanna, MBA ‘15
Understanding the Nigerian shopper should yield dividends for consumer goods companies

Using Psychometrics to Reduce Default Risk in Emerging Markets

by Damian Kearney, MBA ’15
Damian Kearney, MBA ’15
Evaluating default risk for SME’s in emerging markets can require non-traditional methods of credit worthiness.

The Awakening of an Island Frozen in Time Could Cuba’s new economic development affect neighboring economies in the long term?

by Francisco Jose Robles Cedeno, MBA ‘15
Francisco Jose Robles Cedeno, MBA ‘15

Cuba is poised to rapidly expand its economy once diplomatic relations have been restored with the United States.  How should its neighbors react?

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“Through I course I took with the Emerging Markets Institute, I developed a human resource strategy for retaining high potential female employees for a major investment bank in South Africa. This was my most beneficial experience at business school and highlighted a pressing subject: women’s empowerment in the workplace.”

- Bryson Saez, MBA '14
EMI Fellow