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The Globalization of Chinese Companies: A case study of the Fosun Group Knowledge of the Chinese Market Has Enabled Significant Investments in Private Equity

by Faye Zou, MBA '15
Faye Zou, MBA '15

The Fosun Group is leading the way for Chinese investments in private equity.

Are Jim O'Neil's BRIC predictions turning out to be true? Analytical study to compare Jim O'Neil's prediction on macroeconomic indicators with the actuals from the last 15 years.

by Jivesh Govil, MBA '15
Jivesh Govil, MBA '15

A MBA student tests Jim O’Neil’s 2003 predictions about the growth of BRIC economies and concludes O’Neil was too conservative.

Bulgaria as an Investment Location Interview with Ivo Konstantibov, Commercial Counselor and Trade Attache Bulgarian Embassy, Washington, DC

by Krasina Koleva, MBA '15
Krasina Koleva, MBA '15

Bulgaria anticipates incremental growth, particularly in the IT sector, and has benefited from accession into the European Union.

The Venezuela Economic Miracle: A Realistic or Unachievable Dream?

by Leonardo Pozzobon, MBA '15
Leonardo Pozzobon, MBA '15

In order to achieve prosperity, Venezuela must change economic policy, fiscal policy, be more business friendly, liberalize the labor market, promote exports, and strengthen democratic institutions.

How a Successful Entrepreneurial Spirit Can Be Mirrored at Country Level

by Larissa Wecshler, MBA '15
Larissa Wecshler, MBA '15

An interview with Humberto Ribeiro, former Brazilian Secretary of Commerce and Services reveals how entrepreneurial spirit can be mirrored at the country level.

Experience Emerging Markets at Johnson: NBA 5760 The International Consulting Practicum With an interview of Samir Somaiya, BS ’90, MS ’92, MBA ’93, Chairman and Managing Director of Godavari Bio-refineries Limited

An Indian alumnus shares his thoughts for succeeding in business – be dynamic, keep innovating and be happy.

The Dollar Trap: How the U.S. Dollar Tightened Its Grip On Global Finance

by Eswar Prasad, Tolani Senior Professor of Trade Policy
Eswar Prasad, Tolani Senior Professor of Trade Policy
Prasad maintains that the global financial crisis has actually strengthened the U.S. dollar's prominence and made it the most sought-after currency. He explained this in a Chats in the Stacks book talk at Mann Library Sept. 24, 2014, touching on contemporary issues in international finance.

EMI interviews the 2015 winning team from the mai Bangkok Business Challenge @ Sasin

by Manish Reddy, MBA’15
Manish Reddy, MBA’15

Emerging Markets Institute sponsored the representative team from Samuel Curtis Johnson School of Management.

The Journey to Bangkok

by Chris Sungjoo Kim, MBA ‘15
Chris Sungjoo Kim, MBA ‘15
Chris Kim, MBA ’15, describes the long but successful road to an exciting win at this year’s global case competition, the mai Business Challenge @ Sasin, in Bangkok, Thailand.

How Can South Africa Improve Its Economy Through Trade and Investment?

by Richard J. Coyle, MBA’86, EMI Executive Director
Richard J. Coyle, MBA’86, EMI Executive Director
From January 6 through 19, 2015, a group of Johnson students visited South Africa as part of a study trip. Students subsequently prepared recommendations as to how South Africa can improve its economy through trade and investment.
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“Through I course I took with the Emerging Markets Institute, I developed a human resource strategy for retaining high potential female employees for a major investment bank in South Africa. This was my most beneficial experience at business school and highlighted a pressing subject: women’s empowerment in the workplace.”

- Bryson Saez, MBA '14
EMI Fellow