Financial Times Developing Markets and Asia 

The Financial Times Trading Room provides users news and current analysis on emerging financial markets: including market indices, stocks etc.

Bloomberg Emerging Markets News

Bloomberg’s Emerging Markets news is comprised of current financial news on EM trends and analysis in capital markets. It is one of the most comprehensive and updated current news roundups from a respected source available on the internet.

Corporate Foreign Policy

Corporate Foreign policy provides articles and news for the more in-depth observer of international business with short and to the point analysis from across the topical spectrum. It is mostly focused on how politics, management culture and business strategy impact foreign firm’s penetration into new markets. Contains links to articles and blogs from around the world on EM issues, vetted by the site’s staff.

This site provides analytical briefs and news on current topics (500 words or less) by on-site journalists and guests from across the finance industry. It is focused on financial issues with a very global definition of “emerging markets.”


CNBC Emerging Markets

This site gives readers up-to-date commentary from CNBC commentators and from guests across the world of finance. It is particularly useful for those familiar with the emerging markets world who are looking for a source of information on market changes.

Financial Times:  Beyond BRICs

The Financial Times EM blog provides timely news and commentary as well as updated market data in an easily searchable format; all authored by staff at the Financial Tomes. The site has information on recent EM news as well as general global news that will impact all markets.

Euromonitor International

Euromonitor International is one of the oldest EM sites on the internet, with respected commentators and up-to-date analysis and commentary. It focuses on behavior of foreign firms in emerging markets, investment strategies and long/short term research on general trends. It offers both original and guest content.

Emerging Markets Outlook (individual)

This blog is published by a two investment industry players with over 30 years of experience in emerging economies.  Site provides a wide variety of insight on current events and general trends in an accessible style directed toward potential investors. (Connects to a paid site)

Frontier Strategy Group: Emerging Markets Insights

Emerging Markets Insights relates mostly to overall economic growth, with some practical information on talent attraction etc., regional info and a large blog team.  Their posts are very analytical, but short and to the point.

Corporate Foreign Policy

These articles are for the more in-depth observer of international business with short and to the point analysis from across the EM spectrum, mostly focusing on how politics, management culture and business strategy impact foreign firm’s penetration into new markets. The information is current and useful to business people and researchers alike. Contains links to articles and blogs from around the world on EM issues.


Emerging Markets Monitor

Information on this site is available by region and focuses on fixed income, FC and equity markets, BMI sovereign ratings, and currency forecasts. All content is generated by site authors. Pay/non-pay content.

Deutshe Bank

The Deutshe Bank group EM reports offer useful information on commodities, securities, currencies etc.  This information is presented in easy to find information and short articles on key issues in EM (organized by region and subtopic). Combined with frontier market reports. This site is highly recommended by practitioners.

The Street: Emerging Markets Commentary

The Street offers up-to-date information on a range of EM investment/stock information, original and collected content with a heavy emphasis on financial instruments (bonds/securities etc.).  This site includes editorials advising investors on actions and information on US companies’ investment actions.

The Brookings Institution

This site is a presentation of Brookings in-depth research, interviews and analysis on EM topics. The research is presented as it arises (not a day-to-day site) and covers broad trends of interest to the researchers.

The PRS Group

The PRS Group offers basic risk analysis targeted toward academics and SME investors. The information is broad in scope, but useful for a general understanding of risk analysis.  Pay site.

Roubini Global Economics

A catch all site with a lot of EM news, original content, financial markets/politics, economic trends, economic research, market strategy and economonitors.  This is a useful site for investors and those interested in investment.

Global Finance: Harvard Business School

Global Finance provides users access to the Global Finance Magazine a free online magazine with precise data and analysis driven current information on a wide range of general and country specific issues, including a running news wire, current securities data etc., ranking of EM and overall financial institutions. Ongoing information summaries on key regions and countries (Africa, ME, China, Brazil, India, Israel) are also available.


Emerging Markets Trade Association

EMTA is dedicated to promoting the orderly development of fair, efficient and transparent trading markets for Emerging Markets instruments, and to helping integrate the Emerging Markets into global capital markets. EMTA provides a forum that enables participants to identify issues of importance to the trading and investment community through commentary and discussion.

McKinsey Global Institute

This division of the McKinsey site offers in-depth research on emerging market trends completed by McKinsey’s research department. It is useful for those seeking to educate themselves on current trends, organized mostly by region or sector.


An independent, not-for-profit organization, EIRIS now provides responsible investment services to more than 100 asset owners, asset managers, banks, stock brokers and governments around the world - as well as major index providers. This site would be useful for investors seeking country level information, and for institutional investors seeking portfolio diversification.

The Milken Institute

The Milken Institute is a financial analysis think tank focusing on capital market solutions to economic problems. Topical focus includes US domestic, Israel and global markets. Content includes capital markets, global market understanding and Israel.

The Monitor Group

The Monitor Group provides short articles and white papers on relevant market entry and financial services topics. The site has a strong base in analysis and theoretical frameworks to interpret current questions.


Accenture’s website provides users a useful overview through self-published articles (China, India emphasis with others regions).  The site’s main focus is on investment outlook and entry strategies (recent and archived information), with in-depth, overall commentary on trends.

Although they do not have as wide a range of content on emerging markets as some of the other consulting firms, Deloitte’s free insights journal publishes up-to-date articles on relevant trends (market entry access/investing) using a variety of presentation methods from podcasts to case studies etc. providing an interactive platform for familiarization.


Global Edge, Michigan State University

Global Edge has created a good site for basic research with a business focus. It pulls together content from multiple sources, providing a starting point for research.

Trade Organizations

Federation of International Trade Associations

The Federation of International Trade Associations site is an excellent gateway site for those looking for regional or country specific trade associations. The FITA (The Federation of International Trade Associations) has 450 association members and 450,000 linked company members dedicated to the promotion of international trade, import-export, international logistics management, international finance and more.

World Association of Investment Promotion Agencies

The World Association of Investment Promotion Agencies is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving international investment promotion. The site provides information that would be useful to EM IPAs searching for best practice information and development resources. It also provides a comprehensive list of links to every internet-connected investment promotion agency nationally and regionally (for larger nations).

Invest in India

This is the official investment promotion site of India. It is relatively user-friendly and helpful in researching initial opportunities.

International Trade Association of Greater Chicago

This site offers practical advice for companies looking to locate in EMs or invest there

The International Trade Association of Greater Chicago ("ITA/GC") is a not-for-profit, voluntary business association dedicated to promoting international commerce in all its forms.

World Trade Organization

The World Trade Organization site provides useful content on trade agreements and regulations as well as research and trade reports on specific countries and regions.

The India, China, America Institute

Kennasaw State University, Georgia

The ICA Institute is a non-profit, Business advisory council dedicated to fostering business growth and partnership between India, China and the United States. Their focus is on knowledge-sharing, partnership and opportunity identification.

Government/International Organizations

US International Trade Association promotes U.S. exports, particularly by small and medium-sized enterprises, and provides commercial diplomacy support for U.S. business interests around the world. It also provides regulatory and trade promotion information as well as reports and analysis.

Overseas Private Investment Corporation

OPIC is the U.S. Government’s development finance institution.  It mobilizes private capital to help solve critical world challenges and in doing so, advances U.S. foreign policy. Because OPIC works with the U.S. private sector, it helps U.S. businesses gain footholds in emerging markets catalyzing revenues, jobs and growth opportunities both at home and abroad.

European Trade Commission

The EU Trade Commission site is an interactive portal rich with information on current international trade including procedures, statistics, macroeconomic analysis and news on the evolving EU trade regime.

UK Trade and Investment Council

The official website of the UK Trade and Investment Council provides guidance on importing and exporting to the UK. The site also includes case-studies on investing abroad, interviews and connections to companies.

Political Risk Insurance Center

The Multi-lateral Investment Guarantee Agency (World Bank Group) site on risk assessment in global markets contains useful research and analysis on investment in emerging markets as well as information on how potential investors can access their programs.

International Finance Corporation

The International Finance Corporation (World Bank Group) site provides useful sector specific information on industries within their mandate. It also provides information on their lending facilities for EM firms and potential international partners.

United Nations Conference on Trade and Development

The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development site provides original reporting on emerging market trade issues and legal developments from an international development perspective.

Research Institutions

The Earth Institute: Columbia University

The Earth Institute at Columbia University provides information on investment in emerging markets.  Although it only provides internally-generated content it is worth checking out because of comparative volume and quality.

The Harvard Business School

The Harvard Business School provides free access to the majority of their research and discussion content including: articles, webinars, book reviews, interviews, research papers, case-studies etc. Information is available through the International Research Institute or several national-focused initiatives.

Vale Columbia Center on Sustainable International Investment

The VCC currently focuses on three key themes: creating a framework for extractive industries and sustainable development; analyzing trends in investment law and policy around the world, especially as they contribute to sustainable development; and analyzing the rise of emerging market multinationals.

Initiative on Global Markets: Chicago-Booth

The Chicago-Booth Initiative on Global Markets provides access to ongoing research and conversations at Booth. The content provided is in-depth and ranges in scope from financial markets to marketing.

William Davidson Institute: The University of Michigan

WDI has four major research initiatives on global shared on their site through published research papers, audio podcasts and interviews.

Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The MIT Poverty Action Lab provides evidence-based studies on development trends in emerging markets. It is a leader in ongoing analysis at the bottom of the pyramid, an important segment for EM.

Baker Library Bloomberg Center at HBS
This research guide was created for the Globalization and Emerging Markets course taught by Associate Professor Aldo Musacchio. A great starting place for emerging markets research; this guide points to the best resources available to the HBS community.