The Cornell Entrepreneurship Seminar Series launched in April 2009 is a practical educational program targeted at staff, students, faculty, local residents and alums.

April 4, 2013

Mind Behind the Startup

The NY Code and Design Academy


How Technologies Form April 1, 2013

How Technologies Form

Lee Pillsbury


Crowd Funding March 12, 2013

The future of crowd funding

Sustain Communications CEO Enzo Villani, MBA ’07, delivered this presentation, titled “US JOBS Act and Crowd Funding: Reforming Capital Creation and Access,”


The Unconventional Entrepreneur November 28, 2012

The Unconventional Entrepreneur

Minister Gligor Tashkovich talks about his entrepreneurial endeavors in Macedonia.


VC Investing in Things that Make Your Products Better October 22, 2012

VC Investing in Things that Make Your Products Better

Pulakesh Mukherjee from BASF Ventures talks about corporate VC investing and strategy.


Startup Company Valuations October 16, 2012

Startup Company Valuations

Elisa Miller-Out discusses the definition of a B corporation and the benefits of becoming one.


From Founding to Exit October 15, 2012

From Founding to Exit

Jennifer Dulski from Google talks about lesson that she learned in founding and growing DealMap until its exit to Google.