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Middle East expert, Dan Senor, provides unique insights into the economy of Israel

5/4/2011 10:42:00 AM

Speaking to a full-house at the Statler auditorium, Senor spoke to the unique characteristics of a nation that seems almost unnaturally supportive of start-ups

Johnson guest, Dan Senor, author, geopolitical expert, investor, and adjunct senior fellow for Middle East studies at the Council on Foreign Relations delivered a talk entitled "Start up nation: The story of Israel's economic miracle," and signed books of the same title at Cornell on May 2. 

Published in over 15 languages, Senor’s book has attracted a range of people that even Senor did not expect. Speaking to a full Statler Auditorium audience, Senor said that this is because the people who read his book are not necessarily interested in Israel, but are instead curious to know how such a small, conflict-ridden country can have one of the most successful economies in the world.

While Israel is only about sixty years old, has almost no natural resources, and is constantly ravaged by war, there are more Israeli companies on the Nasdaq than any other country after the US and China. Israel also attracts more Global Venture Capital investments per capita than any other nation in the world. “Economically boycotted by most countries in the region, Israel seems to have no chance to do well, but actually thrives because it has the highest density of start-ups out of any nation,” said Senor.

Start-ups succeed in Israel because of several key factors that make the nation unique, according to Senor. Israel’s liberal immigration policy is vital for its economic success because when immigrants arrive, they bring their existing business networks from around the world. “Over 70 nationalities are represented in Israel and this leads to powerful economic results. Immigrants are entrepreneurs by nature, because traveling to a new country and starting a life there is essentially a start-up in itself,” he said

Israel’s required military service policy plays an important role as well. After women and men serve for two or three years respectively, they go on to attend university when they are older and more mature than American students, explains Senor. In the military, young Israelis learn to be leaders and make high stake decisions early in life. The Israeli army is also deliberately understaffed in its senior positions to ensure that it remains nimble. Military personnel at the junior level are trained to make quick decisions to ensure that no time is lost. “Young people are taught to not disobey but challenge people in senior positions, and this follows Israelis into their start-ups,” said Senor.

While economies worldwide continue to recover from the recent crisis, Senor believes that it is time to put aside political questions regarding Israel, and focus on what can be learned from their strong economy. “People are always talking about Israel and many criticize it,” he says, “but the truth is we have a thing or two to learn from them.”


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MBAs and Cornell Undergrads to Swim in Johnson “Shark Tank”

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1/26/2014 10:37:00 AM
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Gift of $10 Million Establishes Smith Family Business Initiative at Johnson at Cornell University

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1/20/2014 7:00:00 AM
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The future of crowd funding

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Johnson’s Dean Honored for Contributions to Global Innovation

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4/24/2012 3:37:00 PM
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Johnson Alum Gives Keynote as Cornell's Entrepreneur of the Year

John Alexander, MBA '76, a founder of the CBORD Group, Inc., delivers the keynote address at Entrepr...
4/18/2012 4:48:00 PM
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Cornell Officials Seek Roosevelt Islanders' Input on Tech Campus Updated 2 mins ago

Cornell officials seek Roosevelt Islanders' input on its NYC Tech Campus
4/6/2012 3:58:00 PM
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Aaron Holiday, MBA ’12 Selected as Prestigious Kauffman Finalist

To seal the deal, Holiday must leverage Cornell connections to land a job in venture capital
4/6/2012 2:59:00 PM
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Making the Sale: The Art of Persuasion and Influence

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3/16/2012 2:57:00 PM
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Cornell's Mcgovern Center Nurtures Baby Companies Into Biological Business

Glycobia Inc. and DNANO Systems are the first baby companies at Cornell's new Kevin M. McGovern Fami...
3/14/2012 10:52:00 AM
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Student Team Bests Columbia, Yale in VC Competition

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3/13/2012 4:06:00 PM
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2/29/2012 2:46:00 PM
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NYCTech Will Pair Industry Leaders With Cornell Students

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2/24/2012 5:41:00 AM
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Mike: Apple core of digital tech

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2/17/2012 2:14:00 AM
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Cornell Taps Dean For Tech Campus

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2/17/2012 12:56:00 AM
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11/21/2011 9:50:00 AM
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11/15/2011 12:47:00 PM
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Johnson among 10 best business schools for aspiring entrepreneurs

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9/2/2011 3:04:00 PM
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10 Best Business Schools For Aspiring Entrepreneurs

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BR Venture Fund backs Restaurant Revolution Technologies

Johnson's student-run venture fund invests in emerging leader in restaurant order management technol...
8/30/2011 4:06:00 PM
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Zach Shulman presents to NYS Economic Development Council

The Entrepreneurship & Innovation Institute (EII) faculty member outlined the principles of seed and...
8/29/2011 11:35:00 AM
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Rhett Weiss appointed executive director of Johnson’s Entrepreneurship & Innovation Institute (EII)

Weiss will help shape new institute and capitalize on existing strengths at Johnson and Cornell Univ...
8/5/2011 12:37:00 PM
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Johnson's Zach Shulman discusses entrepreneurial outreach with the Financial Times

Story looks at how B-schools and community colleges align strengths & share knowledge through Goldma...
7/20/2011 1:43:00 PM
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Joseph Thomas to resume teaching at conclusion of five-year term as dean of Johnson

Thomas to continue robust execution of myriad initiatives as dean throughout the '11-'12 academic ye...
6/22/2011 1:22:00 PM
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Take time to take in Enterprise online!

The spring 2011 issue of Johnson's award-winning, biannual magazine Enterprise features a fascinatin...
6/8/2011 11:44:00 PM
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Commencement weekend '11 celebrated the accomplishments of thousands of Cornellians

It was Johnson's 64th and Cornell University's 143rd, yet for those who received degrees this past w...
5/31/2011 12:03:00 PM
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Dean Joe Thomas shares his thoughts on "The Relevant MBA" with the Huffington Post

Thomas says that modern MBA programs remain highly valuable if they are flexible but remain true to ...
5/25/2011 12:17:00 PM
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Johnson at Cornell University to celebrate its 64th commencement, May 28

School will launch nearly 500 new MBAs and six PhDs into the exciting and challenging waters of the ...
5/24/2011 11:12:00 AM
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Johnson's Warren Ellish talks brand positioning to international group of entrepreneurs

The Entrepreneurs' Organization's signature event featured a discussion with Ellish, May 6 in Chicag...
5/5/2011 12:55:00 PM
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Middle East expert, Dan Senor, provides unique insights into the economy of Israel

Speaking to a full-house at the Statler auditorium, Senor spoke to the unique characteristics of a n...
5/4/2011 10:42:00 AM
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Middle East expert, Dan Senor, will share his unique perspective on Israel's economy, May 2

Senor will speak to and sign copies of his book "Start up nation: The story of Israel's economic mir...
4/25/2011 11:08:00 AM
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Cornell Venture Challenge '11 - Competition delivered, Johnson style!

Competing entrepreneurs demonstrated unprecedented passion and talent at annual event, and showcased...
4/18/2011 2:43:00 PM
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