Johnson Announces Strategic Alliance with Tech Startup Accelerator

The Entrepreneurship Innovation Institute and NestGSV have formed a strategic alliance to support technology startups.

The Entrepreneurship Innovation Institute (EII) at the Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell University and NestGSV, a technology innovation center, have formed a strategic alliance focused on serving technology startups and expanding entrepreneurial opportunities in technology. As part of this strategic alliance, NestGSV member startups will submit projects for EII to vet with Johnson MBA students, who will have the opportunity to provide services such as analysis, consulting, customer validation and engagement, financial modeling, and business or market planning.

In addition, the alliance will help advance EII’s initiatives by providing more experiential learning opportunities through working with real startups, ranging from big data and multimedia company to enterprise solutions and non-profits.

“We believe that the EII-NestGSV alliance has great potential to lead to other EII alliances with exciting business accelerators and incubators, and to advance EII’s visibility, impact, and brand,” said Rhett L. Weiss, executive director of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Institute at Johnson at Cornell University. “We are working to engage EII Fellows candidates and others within the Johnson community who want to explore and experience entrepreneurship in a very real way.”

“It is our hope that these efforts not only advance EII interests, but also Johnson’s continuing initiatives in the areas of technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship,” said James E. Yang, MBA ’14 (CQ), an EII Fellows candidate who helped to set up the alliance. “We believe that our initial collaborative conversations could lead to workshops, panels, and mini-internship opportunities with EII and perhaps, in the future, with Cornell NYC Tech.”

In addition to Yang, Zubin Ghyara, MBA ’14 (CQ), Simon Cen, MBA ’14 (A), and Abhyuday Chakravarthi, MBA ’14 (A), also took the lead to coordinate connections between EII and NestGSV.

Services that Johnson MBAs provide via EII will supplement NestGSV’s existing advisory services, helping to promote the growth and development essential to support technology startups. NestGSV, which is planning to expand into New York City, also aims to play a role in providing hands-on experiences for Cornell NYC Tech students as well as Ithaca-based Johnson students. Learn more about NestGSV’s work at

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