US News highlights b-school efforts to promote entrepreneurship

EII's executive director Rhett Weiss explains the imperative to support tomorrow's business owners and the excitement of entrepreneurship at Johnson

US News highlights b-school efforts to promote entrepreneurship
Excerpt from "Entrepreneurship Gains Momentum at Business Schools," (US News & World Report, Nov. 18)  

With Global Entrepreneurship Week underway, the debate over whether entrepreneurship can really be taught—after all, some of the world's most successful entrepreneurs didn't even go to business school—seems to have died down a bit.

In fact, more and more M.B.A. programs have ramped up the number of contests and classes designed to help students learn how to transform a good idea into a good business. According to a 2011 survey of 476 prospective M.B.A.'s in 79 countries by CarringtonCrisp, a market research firm, entrepreneurship is now among the top five most sought-after areas of course content...MORE

Entrepreneurs are our best shot at pulling the current economy from the doldrums, as the excitement and massive participation in this week's Global Entrepreneurship Week clearly reflects," says Rhett Weiss, executive director of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Institute at Cornell University's Johnson Graduate School of Management.

Earlier this month, the Johnson School [co-sponsored] the 3-Day Startup Cornell (3DS), where the goal is for participants to start a technology company over the course of three days. Sponsored in part by Facebook, this year's program recruited more than 40 students, selected from almost 150, who were charged with devising the best idea for a software startup over the course of a weekend. Six ideas with real potential to create businesses were pitched by teams in the final session. 

"We in the higher education space have a responsibility to commit to the growth and training of tomorrow's entrepreneurs for both their own prospects and the global economy's prospects," says Weiss. "Every day, I'm talking with and helping at least one student entrepreneur, founder team, or other member of this incredibly energized ecosystem." MORE

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