Johnson's Zach Shulman discusses entrepreneurial outreach with the Financial Times


Story looks at how B-schools and community colleges align strengths & share knowledge through Goldman Sachs' 10,000 Small Businesses inititative

Excerpt from "Expertise for entrepreneurs" (Financial Times, July 17):

As the US and UK continue to focus on job creation, the foundation arm of Goldman Sachs, the investment bank, is tapping into the expertise of business schools in a bid to stimulate economic growth.

Announced almost two years ago, the 10,000 Small Businesses initiative focuses on spurring small business development in the US. Goldman Sachs helps pair business school knowhow with the connections and experience of community colleges to help small businesses develop. As part of the programme participants also receive outside mentoring and the opportunity to secure business development loans...MORE

For the business schools, opportunities like this can help them become more engaged in the local community, says Zachary Shulman, a senior lecturer of entrepreneurship at Cornell University’s Johnson School who helped add a video component to the course work. Without the partnership or investment, it would be difficult both financially and from a resource perspective to pull off an effort of similar magnitude, he says. “Business schools don’t have the flexibility to be altruistic like that,” he adds....MORE