The Entrepreneurship and Innovation Institute has assembled a group of alums and friends with a wide range of industry experience to be "Mentors in Virtual Residence."

Members of this group are active business people and service providers, not resident at Johnson, who are willing to talk with Cornell affiliated people (students, alums, faculty and staff) about their businesses and business ideas. This is an opportunity to pick the brain of a seasoned business professional, get some meaningful feedback and refine your business' vision and scope. Participating MiVRs include:

Virtual EiR

Area of Expertise

Virtual EiR Area of Expertise.
Abimbola Ifidon (Ola) Business Process Management. Business and Mangement Training ( Business & Financial Analysis,CBAP Training). Strategy & Business Architecture. Business & Financial Analysis.
Albert Ho Leading an enterprise software development team, getting patents issued in less than a year.
Alex Collmer Media/entertainment/technology; online education; entrepreneurship.
Ali Adab Digital Media, Online Video, Digital Marketing & Distribution, Music, Entertainment, Technology.
Alison Gerlach Business plan development, strategic management, funding, investing & M&A in the consumer goods, media, technology and finance industries.
Arindam Maitra Project Management and Business Analysis specially within the Financial Sector.
Arnaub Chatterjee Healthcare information technology, innovation and entrepreneurship; healthcare strategy consulting, policy (state and federal government) and pharma.
Ashish Gambhir Social media, software as a service (SaaS), Hospitality, BI.
Audrey Mann Cronin Communications/PR/social media/branding consultant in media, education and entertainment technology. Writer, speaker and blogger exploring our digital culture's influence on girls.
Balaji Jayaraman (Bala) Entrepreneurship. Startup has been listed in Entrepreneur Magazine's Top 100 Brilliant Company, repeat airings on QVC and media features in O, The Oprah Magazine, The Dr Oz show and NBC's The Today Show. Technology expert in web, mobile, and cloud development, who can help launch and grow your startup quicker and more cost-effectively.
Bill Frey Financial services.
Bill Greener IP lawyer with areas of expertise including physics and optics, agriculture, nano, e-commerce; and the funding side of university spin-outs and start-ups.
Bill Maskiell Functional focus on go-to-market and related corporate strategies; market analysis and assessment; and commercial due diligence for M&A.Industry focus on technology and telecommunications.
Bill Trenchard Consumer Internet, software as a service (SaaS), virtual work, call centers.
Boris Pavlovic Online Advertising Sales and Operations. Human Resources and Talent Management. Quality Management. Communications Management. Transition, Changeover, and Integration Management. Budgeting, Expense Control, and Inventory Management. Multinational experience in North America and Europe. Fluent in six languages.
Brian Klapper Management consulting; starting a service business.
Brian Ramphal Sales and marketing SaaS based technology products for automotive OEMs and dealerships.
Ceyli Charlotte Villamil Lee Brand Marketing in consumer products with a focus on sports licensing.
Charles Moyes Technology, scalability, parallel programming, SaaS, Big Data, cloud-based architecture, enterprise software.
Cheryl Swirnow Startups/healthcare.
Christine Lai Project Management, Management Consulting, Career Coaching.
Claudio Bazzichelli eCommerce, social responsibility and fashion.
Cliff Hirsch Semiconductors, communications, telecom, networking, SW, HW, information technology.
Clifford Lerner Entrepreneurship, Analytics, Product, Viral Marketing, User Experience, Growing and Scaling Companies.
Dale Lazar Startup company law, particularly intellectual property.
Dan Allon Consumer mobile startups, hospitality, biz dev.
Dan Gusz Healthcare, M&A, growth strategy, market sizing and valuation.
Dan Lohman Entrepreneurship, startups, eCommerce, social media, social networks, retail, co-working spaces and incubators.
Dan Sommer Digital marketing and education industry.
Danielle Weinblatt Business development, scaling teams, recruiting, HR technology, fundraising, building budgets, financial projections, building company culture.
Dar Caldwell Business accelerators, hardware startups, hackerspaces, connected devices, product development, customer validation.
David Deputy ERP, Tax Analytics and Business Intelligence software solutions.
David Landa Brand Strategy, User Experience Design, Product Innovation.
Diego Graziano Quality Assurance and also the Aerospace Industry, both civil and military aviation.
Doug Chertok Global consumer and enterprise web and mobile start-ups, real estate, financial services, VC and angel investing.
Drew Fraser Consumer packaged goods and sustainability.
Elisa Miller-Out Business in general (finance, marketing, sales, strategy), non-profit and social enterprise.
Elizabeth Golluscio Enterprise and B2B technology, strategy and marketing; health and wellness (digitalHealth / healthTech).
Everette Phillips Robotics, Machine Vision, Mechatronics, manufacturing, factory automation, home/business automation, 3D printing, biotechnology, life science robotics, business process, technology as a small business multiplier, B2B social media, ERP/CRM, ISO-9000 and supply chain management.
Gus Warren Consumer internet, digital media, VC/angel financing, strategic partnerships.
Hannah Diddams Digital publishing and media sales, pricing strategy and operations.
Harish Arora Enterprise data storage industry for companies like EMC, NetApp and SanDisk. I am also involved in M&A activities and due diligence at SanDisk. Check out the LN group called SanDisk ventures.
Ian Falik LEAN Practitioner, Leadership of engineers on rig, International work experience in Russia/Middle East/South America, Data interpretation and evaluation.
Imri Eisner Attorney specializing in representation of early stage companies and venture capital funds in connection with transactions ranging from formation to venture financing to exit..
Jeff Kahl Continuous improvement, PM and 6 Sigma, Strategic Initiatives across a wide variety of sectors.
Jeff Parker Financial services and software as a service (SaaS).
Jeff Wald Budgeting and forecasting models, enterprise software, business processes, fundraising, social, labor markets.
Jeremy Blum Hardware startups, bootstrapping, personal branding, electrical engineering, product design, consumer electronics, digital communities.
Jesse Orshan Entrepreneur, Music, Music Technology, Business, and Media.
Jim McNair Small and mid-sized LBOs and buyouts.
Jonathan Santomauro Business development, global management, client relations, business planning, strategy, business practices in the pharmaceutical industry, CRO management, partnerships, quality systems, 6 sigma, lean methodology and general business management.
John Alexander Enterprise software.
John Ciecholewski Mobile Apps, SAAS Business Models, Tech Consulting and Contracting, Distributed Team Mgmt, Hiring and Compensation, Tax and Accounting Strategy.
John Kawola

Industry categories: hardware/software, digital manufacturing, 3D Printing/Scanning, robotics, industrial materials, 3D design software.

Functional areas: general Management/CEO, startup to $100M, sales & marketing, product management, international expansion.

John Lee Software, Life Sciences, Emerging Technologies, Physical Sciences.
Julien Hradecky Strategic development of all aspects of owner-managed international businesses; deal structure and negotiations; and international sales and marketing.
Karim Abouelnaga Entrepreneurship, non-profit.
Kaushik Bhattarcharya Business Intelligence and Management Consulting.
Kevin Omar Williams Investments in Ed Tech, Healthcare Services and E-commerce.
Lara Jackle Dickinson Consumer packaged goods, food, health and wellness.
LaVerne Thomas Purchase or sell of a business or business interest; valuation of assets for tax management (estates, gifts, trusts, purchase price allocation); fair value for financial reporting.
Leon Miller-Out Web and/or mobile technology.
Luke Bonney Healthcare information technology, electronic medical record implementation, executive change management, healthcare landscape, entrepreneurship and innovation in health care IT.
Mac Cummings Software and web strategy.
Marshall Cox Energy efficiency, solid-state electronics, 1D and 2D materials, startups, university IP.
Mary Leong Bakery, Gluten Free, Dairy, Yogurt, Hydrocolloids, Stabilizers, Frozen, Refrigerated, Beverages. Thermal processing - Retort, Aseptic, Canning, Hot Fill, Flavors, Fermentation, Dressings, Cheese, Soy, Fruits, Vegetables, Chocolate, Vegetarian meats, Cereals/Whole Grains, Organic/Natural.
Matt Crumrine Mobile Technology / Applications, Mobile Development, Mobile UX / UI, Branding, Startups, Fundraising, Early Stage Investin.
Meli James Hawaii Venture Capital Association (HVCA). Lean methodology, mobile, mobile apps, venture capital, accelerators, incubators, angel investing, building community, early stage investment, business model canvas, customer acquisition, hospitality, tourism
Melissa Dobson Corporate counsel/patent attorney in specialty areas of biotech, medical technology, health IT, MEMS, materials and engineering applications, imaging, display, optical devices, cable systems; licensing and technology transfer.
Micah Rosenbloom Consumer and b2b web start-ups and med device start-ups.
Michael Beller Enterprise software.
Michael Brown Business Process Management & Outsourcing, Negotiations, Managing Product SDLC, Implementing Technical Strategy, Recruiting, Leading & Developing Teams, Operations Management, Increasing Value Proposition, Leading Cohesive Change, Growing Revenue.
Michael Karangelen Financial services; communications and media.
Neal Gottlieb Consumer packaged goods, food manufacturing, certified organic products, giving models, branding, fundraising and incorrigibility.
Neil A. Torpey 1. legal issues associated with start-up and early–stage companies and 2. Growing a professional services business from the ground up (especially in Asia).
Nicole Cramer Marketing communications, project management, talent management, brand strategy, brand storytelling, strategic partnerships, communication.
Niraj Shah Internet and eCommerce.
Niru Anisetty Work at Intuit in the Quality Assurance/Engineering team of Small Business Group and I can relate to the small businesses.
Paola Frattaroli Asset and venture management, valuation, and potential connection to other sources (funding, ideas, other industry professionals).
Pelin Wood Thorogood Digital marketing, SaaS, sales 2.0, software and web strategy/go-to-market strategy
Peter Seidenberg Fund raising, software, operations, financial services and medical devices.
Plato Koptilov Energy industry - renewables, oil & gas, nuclear. R&D projects, commodity trading, international business development. business in India.
Priti Ramachandran Healthcare and Life Sciences Management Consulting.
Rahul Deo Web Solutions using Portal, Content Management, Commerce and Open Source Technologies. Mobile solutions using iOS & Android platforms.
Raja Krishnan Pharmaceutical product development, scale-up through commercialization, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt knowledge, Quality-by-Design, Regulatory, business development and strategy.
Randy Reed IP lawyer with areas of expertise including physics, electronics, computers, optics, and semiconductor fabrication
Ricky Panzer iOS & Android Development, Lean startup, startup accelerators, thinking outside the box, consumer, hardware/software.
Rob Ryan Telcom
Robert Frisch Hotels, hospitality, eco-tourism.
Rodolfo Saccoman Software, Hardware, Branding, Marketing, Funding.
Ron Fritz 3D software technology with particular insight into CAD and related markets; well versed in sales & marketing, organizational development and global coordination issues
Rupa Paranjape Finance & accounting with a focus on business intelligence for decision making
Sachin Maheshwari Project management and software development in diverse business settings.
Sam Seltzer China, family start ups
Samantha Acunto Digital Media, Advertising, Sales, Strategy, Integrated Marketing, Business Development, Product Development/Commercialization, Team Dynamics.
Scott Henderson Business Development Executive, Advisor & Entrepreneur, focusing on Financial Services, Internet, e-Commerce, B2B (SMB) and consumer industries
Scott Packard Healthcare/life sciences, digital health, health IT; strategic positioning, market assessment, market decision-making dynamics, forecasting, and valuation.
Scott Thorogood Wireless software applications, enterprise software, SaaS, cloud computing, Web 2.0, security software, venture capital, startups, financings and exits
Sharan Raghubir Pharmaceuticals and Biotech. 20 years in the pharmaceutical industry working in Canada and abroad.
Sreeram Mantha Entrepreneurship, Strategic Planning, Technology Strategy, Critical Thinking, Business Process Improvement, Large Projects Delivery, Client Account Management, New Business Development, Team building.
Stephen Leland Keel (Leland) Experienced attorney-manager with experience managing a law firm on Beverly Hills and acting as General Counsel for a multicultural non-profit NGO. Areas of expertise include real estate, contracts, negotiations.
Steve Benjamin Real estate and service firms (PR especially).
Susan Grinius Hill Strategic planning, System analysis and solution development, Information Technology planning and deployment (architecture and operations), Customer account management and support, Business operational management, Technical and soft skills training.
Tae E Kim Internet, online advertising, strategic partnerships, business development, channel partnerships, mobile, mobile advertising and team mgmt within tech companies.
Tayfun Uslu e-commerce and social commerce.
Ted Julian Enterprise hardware and software, marketing and company launch.
Thomas Scott Business Finance and Strategy. Managing lean engineering analysis to reduce non-recurring costs. Bid and Proposal preparation considering engineering, IP, finance, manufacturing, and supply chain. Project Management; CAE Technology Development/Deployment; Bid & Proposal, Contracts (IP, TDA, OEM) and Budgets;
Trevor Heringer Business plans, pitches, quality and regulatory assurance, product development, education, learning and development, IT services and solutions, organizational development, and general management.
Val Tsanev Entrepreneurship, Strategic Planning, Fund Raising, Business Development, Customer Discovery, Financial Modeling.
Vishal Shah

Software-as-a-Service, User Acquisition (SMB/Enterprise), Lean Startup, Emerging Markets.

Grant SonGrowth hacking: marketing, acquiring users, biz dev, sales, and raising capital.

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