The Entrepreneurship and Innovation Institute (EII) offers MBA students knowledge leadership by combining classes taught by our world-class faculty, access to advanced research, and myriad experiential – or hands-on – learning opportunities.


EII’s curriculum encompasses traditional course offerings, experiential learning programs, networking and mentoring opportunities, and club activities. Our approach, called performance learning, provides students with a theoretical framework, charges them with responsibility for results, and provides them with continuous expert feedback. In addition to Johnson’s many courses on all aspects of entrepreneurship, MBA students may choose from related courses across the Cornell campus.

BR Startup Suite

Unique among business schools, Johnson provides a complete suite of entrepreneurship services: capital, consulting and counsel. Our students not only deliver these services, but they also have responsibility for managing these entities under the guidance of faculty advisors.

  • BR Ventures
  • BR Consulting
  • BR Microenterprise
  • BR Advisory
  • BR Tech Transfer

The EII Fellows Program

EII offers a selective Fellows Program for qualified students who desire a deep and broad exposure to entrepreneurship and innovation as a key part of their Johnson experience. This program combines relevant coursework with hands-on activities within the institute and culminates in a capstone project.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Concentration

EII’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation Concentration enhances students’ knowledge and skills related to entrepreneurship and innovation through focused coursework on entrepreneurship, venture capital, and innovation.

Private Equity Concentration

Johnson’s Private Equity Concentration enables students to develop knowledge and skills related to private equity through focused coursework on valuation principles, leveraged buyouts and structured finance, and financial modeling.

Project Mentors Program

EII’s Project Mentors Program provides opportunities for collaboration among students at Johnson and students at other schools throughout Cornell.

Johnson Clubs

Johnson student clubs provide additional learning opportunities in specialized areas of entrepreneurship: