The Entrepreneurship and Innovation Institute encompasses a number of experiential learning programs, traditional course offerings, networking/mentoring opportunities and focused club activities.

Our entrepreneurship services are a perfect example of what we call performance learning: providing students with a theoretical framework, charging them with responsibility for results, and providing them with continuous expert feedback.

Courses, Concentrations, Internships

In addition to its foundation courses in core business skills, Johnson offers many courses specifically focused on all aspects of entrepreneurship. Here is a sampling:

  • Case Studies in Venture Finance (NBA 5570)
  • Entrepreneurship and Business Ownership (NBA 5640)
  • Technology Entrepreneurship (NBA 6521)
  • Startup Legal Issues and VC Terms (NBA 6890)
  • Social Entrepreneurship (NBA 5100)
  • Due Diligence in Private Equity Investing (NBA 5320)
  • The IPO Process and M&A (NBA 5630)
  • Entrepreneurial Marketing (NBA 6570)
  • Entrepreneurial Executives (NBA 6800)
  • Startup Learning Series (NBA 6860)
  • Strategic Alliances (NBA 6530)
  • Entrepreneurship For Scientist & Engineers (NBA 5070)

Some of these are included in the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Concentration, a flexible course package for individuals interested in starting high-growth businesses, learning more about venture capital and/or engaging in innovation.  For a complete description of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Concentration, click here.

In addition to the entrepreneurship courses offered through Johnson, MBA students may choose from many related courses across the Cornell campus.  See a complete list of courses here.

Internships provide another way that MBA students gain experience while providing valuable service to companies at a modest cost. Entrepreneurship students have opportunities to work with venture capital firms as well as with new businesses or those ramping up for significant growth. In addition to internships arranged through Johnson, students and host companies also find matches through the Entrepreneurship@Cornell Internship Program.