Paul Wilfrid Riley
Paul earned a BS from Seattle University in 1996, and then performed research on parasites causing tropical diseases before enrolling in graduate school at the Temple University School of Medicine in 1999.  The topic of his dissertation was research regarding the function of coagulation factor XI.  He also did postdoctoral training in a related area at the University of Pennsylvania before becoming a product manager and scientific affairs specialist in 2009 for Diagnostica Stago, Inc.  His current job duties involve setting marketing specifications, launching and post-launch technical and application support of diagnostic products for hemostasis research along with clinical diagnostics.  In addition, he has spoken to dozens of medtech and clinician audiences about various topics within the topic of hemostasis and coagulation, including anticoagulant drug monitoring.  He has a great interest in working with clinical researchers to perform studies and publish, and helping to advance the science of hemostasis.