Delburt Alfred
Del Alfred Del develops and oversees the executive strategy for a family line of businesses, which includes a design and manufacturing business in New York City and a partnership in a brand extension in Miami Beach, FL a medical concierge practice in Miami Beach, Florida and a consulting business that focuses on Technology Solutions, Risk Management and Cyber Security. His core competence is technology and business strategy, however, he prides himself on venturing into uncharted territory as an entrepreneur and a catalyst for ideas.

Del spent his early years of professional life working in Banking and Finance supporting bank technologies and managing risks credit and technology, followed by some work in the military and defense industry implementing technology solutions for cyber security and other US government initiatives. Del also had a quick bout in the retail industry for a major US retail brand as an executive leading Enterprise Resource Planning. However, the mainstay of his career has been finance, banking and intergovernmental, notably strategic and leadership positions at the IMF, Fannie Mae, World Bank et al.

Del currently splits his time with family between New York City and Miami Beach.